New York Maps and Orientation

(New York, NY, USA)

Located on the far northeastern side of the United States and arguably the most famous city in the world, New York stands within the state of the same name, where it is the biggest city. However, the capital of New York State is actually the considerably smaller city of Albany, roughly 150 miles / 241 km to the north.

New York City resides within the state's southeastern corner, at the point where the Hudson River meets a natural harbor joining the Atlantic Ocean via the Verrazano Narrows. Interestingly, the harbor itself ranks amongst the world's biggest natural harbors and has contributed greatly to the rise in status and power of New York, allowing a steady trade in container shipping. Today, tourists come to the harbor to marvel at the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

A large percentage of New York City is spread around three adjoining islands, namely those of Long Island, Manhattan and Staten Island. Over the centuries and more recent decades, the layout of the city has changed dramatically, being enlarged on a number of occasions following ambitious land reclamation projects. Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan came about when a section of the Hudson River was filled and reclaimed as land in the 1970s / 80s, thus creating a sizeable planned community.

Of note, the enormous and rather sprawling New York Metropolitan Area (Tri-State) also encompasses parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. Some of the largest cities based within this 'Greater' area include Bridgeport, Jersey City, New Haven, Newark, Paterson, Stamford, Waterbury and Yonkers.

Maps and Orientation of the City

New York City is made up of five principal boroughs. Manhattan forms the heart of the city, while Staten Island is a largely suburban area. Brooklyn offers a trendy upbeat vibe, with Queens being the biggest of these boroughs and the Bronx being where you will find the Yankee Stadium.

Maps of the city and its boroughs are easy to come by, being sold at the endless stream of gift shops around the city. You can also obtain maps of New York from official tourist centers, such as the Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is located on Seventh Avenue and directly opposite the Sheraton Hotel, where it is signposted as the Official NYC Information Center and is easy to spot thanks to the big orange 'i' sign hanging outside.

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