New York Hotels and Accommodation

(New York, NY, USA)

If you are prepared to compromise a little when it comes to location and views, and book ahead, then there really is no reason why your accommodation in New York need be overly pricey. There are plenty of very reasonably priced hotels within New York, allowing you to spend your savings exploring the Big Apple at your leisure.

Lodging rates tend to be fairly flexible and rise on both Friday and Saturday nights, with hotels often being cheaper during the week. It is worth noting that even when accommodation in New York comes with its own parking, there is always a charge for this service, and more often than not it simply consists of a nearby parking lots with favourable rates for guests.

Chelsea, Midtown and Lower Manhattan are all extremely popular places to stay in New York and feature an almost bewildering choice of hotels, along roads such as East 27th Street, which is conveniently close to the East Village and Madison Park. In Lower Manhattan, Houston Street tends to feature a gathering of accommodation targeting business travelers, and so hotels in this part of New York may well offer weekend discounts, when they are at their quietest.

Upper Manhattan is always a very desirable area, with the best hotels here offering pleasant views across Central Park. Midtown New York and the Upper West Side are just a quiet subway journey from Upper Manhattan, and also offer their own selection of good-value accommodation.

Near to both Central Park and the famous Museum Mile, the neighborhood known as the Upper East Side is where you will discover some of New York's most swanky and elegant hotels. If you have plenty of money to spend on accommodation, then also consider Park Avenue, where a number of legendary hotels, such as the Waldorf Astoria and the West Union Square, await.