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Helicopter Ride around Manhattan
When came to New York on our honeymoon, just before Christmas. It was an exciting time to visit and so we decided to do something special. The concierge at our hotel (Inter Continental) booked a helicopter ride over Manahattan for us. We took a bright yellow cab to where the helicopters were taking off, which to be honest looked about dodgy and the area wasn't the best. Anyway, we got onbard and flew all over the city, over the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building and other landmarks like that. It only lasted around ten minutes, and cost quite a lot of money, but it was brilliant. I actually felt a little ill though, because the helicopter ride was a bit up and down.
Posted on 29/12/2007 by Keiron Taylor

The New York Empire State Building
The first thing that we did when we came to Manhattan was to find the New York Empire State Building. We got directions and to be honest, there were a lot of tall buildings in this area which at first glance looked very similar. When we actually got there we soon spotted it and it really did stand out. It was a bit grubby inside and the decor looked a bit past it. We paid the entrance free and queued up for the elevator ride to the stop. It moved so incredibly quickly, in fact it hardly felt like we were moving at all. We hard to change elevators half way up and when we reached the top, managed to catch our very first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty - very exciting.
Posted on 16/8/2007 by Stephen Jeffries

Visit the Chrysler Building
We walked to the Chrysler Building, just to see its stunning architecture close up. I didn't know that we'd be able to go inside, albeit just the lobby. There was a lot of marble everywhere. It was very extavagantly decorated.
Posted on 5/5/2007 by Jon Fawcett

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