Birmingham Sports and Outdoor Activities

(Birmingham, West Midlands, England, UK)

Birmingham Sports and Outdoor ActivitiesAs one of the largest and most important cities in England, Birmingham comes with excellent sports facilities, as you would expect. The list of sports stadiums alone is an impressive one, with Villa Park being the largest and capable of seating more than 43,000 spectators.

Other major stadiums in Birmingham include the Molineux (28,500 seats), St. Andrews (26,000 seats) and the Hawthorns (25,000 seats). Located at Perry Park, the Alexander Stadium serves as an international athletics venue and has staged a number of important championships since opening in 1976, being recently expanded and now with a capacity of just under 13,000 spectators. This multi-purpose venue has also been used to stage many concerts over the years, attracting the likes of Blue, Girls Aloud and Westlife.





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