Attractions Nearby San Gimignano, Day Trips and Excursions

(San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy)

Image of AssisiTuscany has long been one of the most popular parts of Italy and tourists flock to its innumerable attractions, a number of which are within easy reach of San Gimignano. One of the most popular cities in Tuscany and the number one reason why so many tourists flock to this region each year, Florence is near to San Gimignano and literally brimming with impressive attractions.

Enjoying a scenic setting at the very top of a tall volcanic ridge, Monteriggioni boasts some extraordinary views across the beautiful Valdichiana countryside and produces some of the very best wines that you are likely to find in Tuscany. Other attractions of note close to San Gimignano include the coastal town of Assisi, the lively city of Siena, and the historic town of Volterra, which resides on a tall rocky plateau and is surrounded by many miles of scenic Tuscan countryside.

Picture of the main plaza in Assisi


A quaint Italian hill town with endless character, the attractions of Assisi are around 169 km / 105 miles to the south-east of San Gimignano, meaning that with an early start, a day trip here is quite feasible. The main sights of Assisi include the Basilica di San Francesco, the Basilica di Santa Chiara, the Tempio di Minerva, the Foro Romano (Roman Forum) and the central Piazza del Comune.

Photo of the Siena Duomo and skyline


Famed for its Gothic architecture and Tuscan cuisine, Siena is a spectacular city and its terracotta rooftops are best viewed from the top of the Torre del Mangia tower. Numerous attractions are to be found around the vast Piazza del Campo, where many of Siena's annual events take place. Close to San Gimignano, Siena lies approximately 45 km / 28 miles to the south-east. Visitors will always marvel at its central Duomo (Cathedrale di Santa Maria) and be blown away by the beautiful facade of the Palazzo Pubblico, which dates back to the 13th century and operates as the Town Hall.

Picture of the Florence (Firenze) duomo

Florence (Firenze)

Visitors from San Gimignano will always find Florence's Duomo (Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore) particularly eye-catching, being one of the biggest cathedral's in existence and boasting a giant dome, which dominates the Florence skyline. Located on the Piazza del Duomo, the Campanile di Giotto bell tower is another major attraction, as is the historic Ponte Vecchio, an arched stone bridge which has provided a crossing across the River Arno for almost 700 years. Both the Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) and the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi may also be of great interest.

Monteriggioni view


The majority of the main attractions in Monteriggioni are to be found around the Piazza Grande, although if you explore the surrounding streets you will spot many impressive buildings from the past, such as both the Palazzo Bucelli and the Palazzo Cocconi. From San Gimignano, Monteriggioni is located just 25 km / 16 miles to the south-east and can be reached in 40 minutes or thereabouts.

Photo of the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa


Famous for just one attraction, but in reality home to so much more, tourists flock to this small city all throughout the year, to marvel at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and puzzle at how in the past, it has never actually completely fallen over. Today, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is very much supported by modern engineering and so is safe once more. Pisa is located around 77 km / 48 miles to the north-west of San Gimignano and its stunning Field of Miracles (Piazza dei Miracoli) also boasts sights such as the circular Battistero and Duomo cathedral.

Rooftop image of Volterra


Located around 31 km / 19 miles to the south-east of San Gimignano, Volterra is a small town, known for its medieval ramparts, Etruscan history and alabaster industry. Volterra has much to offer in the way of historical tourist attractions and eye-catching landmarks. Visitors to Volterra will be able to enjoy spectacular sights, such as the 12th-century cathedral on the Piazza San Giovanni, the Palazzo dei Priori on the Piazza dei Priori, and the nearby Palazzo Pretorio and its eye-catching Torre del Porcellino (Piglet's Tower). Other attractions in Volterra include the Parco Archeologico and its remains of an Etruscan necropolis, and the excellent Museo Etrusco Guarnacci.