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(Assisi, Umbria, Italy)

Image of the main plazaThe charming town of Assisi offers tourists a wealth of tranquillity and this is amongst the most attractive destinations that you are likely to encounter in Umbria. Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis (San Francesco), patron saint of animals and ecology, and its undeniable charm and appeal attracts huge numbers of visitors and religious pilgrims, who arrive here each year - literally millions.

Despite the somewhat surprising influx of tourists and thriving tourism industry, the town of Assisi successfully manages to more than retain its peaceful nature. Even during the very peak of summer, by simply taking a stroll away from the main streets you can be assured to find some personal moments. The Piazza del Comune is very much central to life is Assisi and it is here that you will find the tourist information centre, along with countless cafes featuring tables outside, on the paving stones.

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Assisi Tourist Information and Tourism: Top Sights

As you approach Assisi you will likely spot the town's two medieval castles, which were built in the 14th century and are perched upon a hilltop. These fortresses are known as both the Small Fort (Rocca Minore) and the Large Fort (Rocca Maggiore), while in the town itself and located on the Via San Francesco, the Portico del Monte Frumentario is an especially impressive building with a series of stone arches. For something quite different, several exceptional parks and nature reserves are to be found around Assisi and a number even boast ancient Roman remains. More information about Assisi Tourist Attractions.

Photo showing surrounding countryside viewsLandmarks in Assisi are generally very historic and often religious in their nature. Highlights include the Basilica di San Francesco, the Basilica di Santa Chiara, the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, the Cathedral of San Rufino (Duomo) and also the Tempio di Minerva (Temple of Minerva), which dates back to the 1st century BC. However, one of the biggest archaeological surprises in Assisi is actually to be found beneath the Piazza del Comune and as tourists walk around on the paving stones above, few realise the history beneath their feet, which comes in the guise of the Roman Forum, accessed by a series of fascinating passageways. More information about Assisi Tourist Landmarks and Monuments.

Picture of the famous Rocca MaggioreSeveral reasonable museums reside in Assisi and often contain many priceless religious treasures and historical information. The Cathedral Museum, the Museum of the Basilica and the Porziuncola are three such attractions, while the Civic Museum provides access to the Roman Forum and exhibits many relics from Roman days. Those interested in art should consider visiting the Municipal Art Gallery at the Priors' Palace on the Via San Francesco, or the Treasury Museum and FM Perkins Collection at the Basilica di San Francesco. Alternatively, the Duomo's Capitolare may be of interest. More information about Assisi Museums and Assisi Art Galleries.

Town viewIt is fair to say that Umbria is a very endearing part of Italy, with much to offer tourists holidaying in Assisi. If you have the time, you really should try to take a few day trips or shorter excursions to nearby destinations, such as both the towns of Gubbio and Spello. Further afield, if tourists are prepared for an early start, then day trips to Florence, San Gimignano and even Rome and eminently possible and extremely enjoyable. As the capital of Italy, if you can make it to Rome, you will be treated to some truly world-class sights, such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and even the Vatican. More information about Assisi Attractions Nearby.

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