San Gimignano Restaurants and Dining

(San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy)

Photo of outdoor seatingAlthough San Gimignano may not really be known for its food or restaurants, you won't have far to look to find a reasonable dining option. San Gimignano has become such a popular resort, that the regular summer influx of tourists means that lots of new restaurants and trattorias have cropped up in recent years to meet their needs, although the quality of the cuisine on offer does vary greatly amongst eateries.

One of the best things about eating out in San Gimignano is the dining experience itself, with many tables and chairs moving outside, filling the pedestrianised streets and public squares. The best restaurants also serve a good selection of locally produced Italian wines, which is always the perfect way to down your pasta. Of note, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano is an especially appealing crisp white wine grown locally.

Central view

What to Eat

There is much more to San Gimignano restaurants than simply pasta, with traditional Tuscan cuisine being widely on offer and consisting of lots of freshly bakes bread, tasty Italian cheeses, seasonal vegetables and T-bone Florentine steaks.

Particularly popular local dishes include many square-shaped pizzas, herb bread seasoned with rosemary (pan di ramerino), flat bread topped with pork crackling and olive oil (Schiacciata), stuffed pig's stomach (fegatelli di maiale), rich vegetable soup (ribollita) and tender 'al dente' vegetables (pinzimonio).

Image of tourists and al fresco cafe tables

Where to Eat

Some of the most central restaurants in San Gimignano are to be found scattered around the main piazzas, such as the Piazza della Cisterna, the Piazza della Madonna, the Piazza XXIX Marzo, and the Piazza del Duomo, where dining venues overlook the cathedral and include the family run Cantina Foresi, known for its paninis.

Further eateries in San Gimignano line the main streets and these include the Corso Cavour, the Via Garibaldi, the Via Mainardi, and the Via dei Magoni, where the dining at the Umbrian-inspired Ristorante La Pergola is always a safe bet.

Picture of plaza cafe tables and Tuscan wellOn a hot Tuscan summer's day, you simply must pay a visit to the charming and award-winning Gelateria della Piazza, which is located on the Piazza della Cisterna and features some of the very best ice cream that you are likely to taste in the whole world.

You can expect some unusual flavours, such as saffron, pistachio and wine-flavoured sorbets.