Las Vegas Restaurants and Dining

(Las Vegas, Nevada - NV, USA)

Las Vegas Restaurants and DiningLas Vegas in Nevada is one of the best places to eat in America. The choice of food is endless and with well over 1,200 restaurants and 450 bars all over Las Vegas, serving excellent cuisine, dining in local eateries is hard to resist. Almost every week new restaurants open in the city, with their own unique brand of cooking.

The various enormous resorts in Las Vegas provide multiple restaurants and dining options, featuring many signature dishes, often created by famous, celebrity chefs. Many of the eateries specialize in gourmet cuisine and a number of the original Las Vegas steak houses have now gone more up-market, to compete with these large dining establishments.

Themed resorts not only serve some great culinary choices, but they also offer some amazing surroundings and unique, atmospheric, dining experiences, such as restaurants that are situated in a lush jungle, with animatronic animals and simulated thunderstorms, typical Parisian restaurants with views of the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower and medieval banqueting halls, with fire-breathing dragons and superb entertainment.

Las Vegas Restaurants and DiningAway from the Strip, in the suburbs and surrounding areas of Las Vegas, there are many more restaurants to be found. These include both familiar chains and also more individual, independent restaurants. There are also plenty of budget dining options in and around the Las Vegas Strip, where excellent three-course meals can be enjoyed for very reasonable prices. Almost every casino in town offers a large, daily buffet, which is a great way to dine and gamble at the same time.

The large hotel casinos have numerous superb restaurants, satisfying the needs of their important gamblers. These eateries often rivals many of the top restaurants in Americas most important cities, with quality, service and presentation. In fact, Las Vegas restaurants are gaining such a high reputation that they are now attracting people from far away, to sample the exceptional gourmet delights at the numerous restaurants in the city.