Las Vegas Business Tips

(Las Vegas, Nevada - NV, USA)

Las Vegas Business TipsThe main business in Las Vegas is tourism and the city attracts visitors from all over the world, throughout the year. With simply enormous hotels, busy casinos and many major tourist attractions, Las Vegas businesses thrive and there are numerous large business corporations in the city.

Business Hours and General Etiquette

In both dress and manners, Americans can be less formal than Europeans, although normal business courtesies should still be observed. The degree of formality necessary depends upon the actual nature of the business, with financial and legal professions being more formal than computer and media organizations. Although both men and women may still wear suits, short sleeve shirts are acceptable in the summer.

Business hours in the Las Vegas bay area are usually from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 to 17:00, although some city offices may close slightly later. Most shops are open until at least 19:00 and often throughout the weekends, and some supermarkets are open 24 hours. Banks in the city generally open keep the same hours as local stores.

Working lunches are a popular way to do business in Las Vegas and Americans are quick to use first-name terms. Some exclusive restaurants have a strict dress code, although a more informal, yet presentable dress code is acceptable. Drinks or dinner is a popular way to end the hard working week.

Greeting Someone

A brief and friendly handshake is usually the customary greeting in this business community. New acquaintances are often addressed on first name terms.


Many restaurants now have a strict 'no smoking' policy, although some tend to cater for smokers in different areas. Most offices are now nonsmoking and as this is currently a sensitive subjective in America, it is best to only smoke when in the company of like-minded people.