Las Vegas Casinos and Hotel Casinos

(Las Vegas, Nevada - NV, USA)

Las Vegas Casinos and Hotel CasinosOne of the most popular activities in Las Vegas is gambling and this city is not like any other city in the world. Las Vegas is full of over 150 casinos and hotel casinos, with superb gaming facilities.

The casinos in Las Vegas feature a staggering number of games, including more than 200,000 slot machines, 3,500 blackjack tables, 500 craps tables, 450 roulette wheels, 200 keno games, 150 Caribbean stud tables, 140 sports pools and over 100 race books and baccarat tables. Casinos in Las Vegas are amongst the best casinos in the world and most never actually close.

Las Vegas Casinos and Hotel Casinos

Casinos Tips

When gambling at casinos in Las Vegas, it is worth joining a slot club before you start playing. You will receive a card, rather like an ATM card, which you insert into the gaming machine before you start to play. Points are recorded and will be redeemable at the hotel casinos for cash.

It is also worth asking the pit boss at the Las Vegas casino to rate your play. This is a useful way to receive complimentary items, such as breakfast, lunch, drinks, discounted show tickets and much more, depending on what your average hand is. Unrated casino players simply receive nothing.

Taking some gaming lessons at the casinos is always worthwhile, and most Las Vegas dealers at the hotel casinos will be happy to explain the game in detail, or provide you with a guide explaining the rules. Many Las Vegas hotel casinos also offer free instruction and scheduled times.

Las Vegas Casinos and Hotel Casinos

Excalibur Hotel Casino

Address: 3850 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, 89109, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 597 7777
The Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel Casino is a lively, themed casino, with excellent gaming facilities. This fun Las Vegas casino a based upon a medieval castle set in Camelot and includes a drawbridge, a kingdom of knights, a fire-breathing dragon, Merlin the Magician and a castle moat. The casinos at the Las Vegas Excalibur Hotel are full of gaming tables, slot machines and top restaurants.

Flamingo Hilton Hotel Casino

Address: 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, 89109, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 733 3111
The Flamingo Hilton Hotel Casino in Las Vegas is a busy and important hotel casino. Featuring luxury accommodation, suites, six towers, courtyards and superb restaurants. There are numerous gambling tables at the Las Vegas Flamingo Hilton Hotel Casino, providing excellent facilities for playing blackjack, Caribbean Stud and craps.

Fremont Hotel Casino

Address: 200 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, 89101, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 385 3232
Opened in 1956, the Fremont Hotel Casino is situated in downtown Las Vegas and was once the tallest building in the whole of Nevada. Facilities at the Las Vegas Fremont Hotel Casino include a rooftop swimming pool, excellent restaurants and a lively, bright casino. At the hotel casinos there are numerous slot machines and gaming tables, where you can play all of the top casino games and more besides.

Golden Nugget Hotel Casino

Address: 129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, 89101, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 385 7111
Recently renovated, the Las Vegas Golden Nugget Hotel Casino is one of the major hotel casinos in Las Vegas and features luxurious guest rooms and suites. There are also five splendid restaurants, a relaxing spa, lush gardens and an excellent casino, full of all the typical features of Las Vegas hotel casinos, such as games, tables and slot machines.

Imperial Palace

Address: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, 89109, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 731 3311
The Las Vegas Imperial Palace features an enormous gaming area covering around 75,000 square feet, which has recently been refurbished. With almost 2,000 slot machines, 42 gaming tables, 10 restaurants and much more besides, the Imperial Palace is one of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas and is always busy.

Monte Carlo Hotel Casino

Address: 3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, 89109, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 730 7777
The elegant and luxurious Monte Carlo Hotel Casino in Las Vegas includes a large entertainment complex. Highlights at this hotel casinos include spacious guest rooms, a wedding chapel, swimming pools, a water park, a shopping mall, theater, restaurants and excellent facilities for gambling in Las Vegas.

Tropicana Hotel Casino

Address: 3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, 89109, Nevada, USA
Tel: +1 702 739 2222
Built in 1957, the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel Casino was originally surrounded by a large expanse of desert. This hotel casinos' location is now a prime spot on the popular Strip and with recently refurbished rooms, all with stunning views, the Tropicana Hotel Casino has good gambling facilities and there is also a large water park.