Granada Museums

(Granada, Andalucia, Spain)

Museums in Granada are extremely diverse, with some of the most popular containing important local Andalucian relics, old costumes from Flamenco dancers, religious artefacts and paintings, and fun interactive exhibits for all ages.

The Archaeological Museum, known locally as the Museo Arqueológico y Etnológico, is one of the city's most appealing museums, featuring many important archaeological treasures found in the Granada area. Popular with families and children visiting Granada, the Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias) offers a modern biosphere, an observatory and also a planetarium.

Picture of Granada's Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueologico y Etnologico)

Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico y Etnológico)

Address: Carrera del Darro, 43, Granada, 18010, Andalucia, Spain
Tel: +34 958 225 640
The impressive Archaeological Museum is housed in a particularly attractive mansion, which features a Renaissance-style façade and detailed period features. Highlights here include many local artefacts from the area, archaeological finds and treasures discovered during excavations, and information and plans of nearby Roman remains.
Open hours: Tuesday - 15:00 to 20:00, Wednesday to Saturday - 09:00 to 20:00, Sunday - 09:00 to 14:30
Admission: free

Zambra Museum (Museo de la Zambra)

Address: Camino del Sacromonte, 9, Granada, 18010, Andalucia, Spain
Tel: +34 958 121 183
The 'Caves of the Gypsies' (Las Cuevas del Sacromonte) are an unusual setting for this attraction and are home to an extensive collection of historic Flamenco costumes, accessories and memorabilia. 'Zambra' literally means spontaneous dancing and the Zambra Museum features regularly gypsy festivals, with much dancing and authentic music. The Zambra is known throughout Spain and has become one of Granada's most popular and unique museums.
Open hours: Tuesday to Friday - 16:00 to 19:00, Sunday - 12:00 to 15:00
Admission: free

Pisa Museum (Museo de los Pisa)

Address: Convalecencia, 1, Granada, 18009, Andalucia, Spain
Tel: +34 958 222 144
Housed in the grand Casa de los Pisa mansion, the Museo de los Pisa stands in the Albayzin area of Granada and is dedicated to the life and works of St. San Juan de Dios, who died here in the mid-16th century. With religious paintings, historic artefacts and more, the Pisa Museum features a number of poignant collections.
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 10:00 to 13:00
Admission: free

Science Museum and Park (Parque de las Ciencias)

Address: Avenida del Mediterráneo, Granada, 18006, Andalucia, Spain
Tel: +34 958 131 900
Full of hands-on exhibits and interactive fun, Granada's modern Parque de las Ciencias appeals to all ages and is divided into four main areas, a biosphere, an exploration area, a 'Eureka!' zone, and a perception display for young children. With an observatory, a planetarium and coffee shop, the Science Museum's gift store is the perfect way to end your visit and offers an array of science-related souvenirs.
Open hours: Tuesday to Saturday - 10:00 to 19:00, Sunday - 10:00 to 15:00
Admission: charge, discounts for children