Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Madrid

(Madrid, Spain)

Madrid is a convenient medical tourism destination for residents of Western Europe, and it offers a favourable exchange between the cost and the standard of living.

While Spain on the whole cannot compete with medical tourism facilities in South Asia, it is still a practical destination for residents of the UK who are already planning a visit to the region. The standard and quality of care is exceptional here. As Spain's capital, Madrid is the gateway to one of the most celebrated holiday regions on the continent.

There are dozens of Joint Commission International-accredited hospitals in Spain, and many of the best are right here in Madrid. Furthermore, Spain enjoys number-seven ranking by the World Health Organization (WHO) in terms of health care in Europe. Another strong indicator of the onsite health scene is the high degree of satisfaction locals express in their country's healthcare system.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

The main advantage of seeking health care in Madrid is the chance to follow it up with a holiday here or elsewhere in Spain. However, cost advantages must also factor into the equation, as Spain offers one of the best value-for-money healthcare scenarios in Western Europe.

Madrid is also one of Spain's most sophisticated cities, so anyone receiving minor outpatient care can enjoy free reign of the city's cultural offerings and stellar nightlife. Museums, art galleries and all-night dance clubs are mainstays of any holiday in this city.

There's even more to see and do outside of the city, and tourists who undergo non-invasive procedures that don't require any recuperation often board flights for Barcelona, the Balearic Islands, San Sebastian or the Costa Blanca.

Medical Procedures

Any number of procedures are available in the city, and the relatively low cost and high standards of surgical procedures are major drivers. Popular treatments include body scans, orthopaedic surgery and cheap dental surgery in Madrid. Infertility treatments in Madrid are especially popular and now draw travelling patients from all over Europe.


Hospitals in Madrid are among the best in the nation, and they are well-regarded for high standards when it comes to both staff and facilities. Prospective patients will also find several clinics in the city that specialise in dentistry and cosmetic surgery. As these facilities target international clientele, the staff speak excellent English.

One popular hospital is the local IMF branch. This modern clinic specialises in treating infertility, and the facilities are first class. The clinic is overseen by Dr. Federico Galera, who has a record for the successful birth of more than 10,000 babies. The clinic's range of fertility services is extensive.

Another popular clinic is the Citadental, where medical tourists have been going for cosmetic dentistry in Madrid since the late 1990s. Tourists can receive dental implants, have their teeth whitened or remove impacted molars, all for prices that are well below what they would pay in the UK. Savings of 40 percent leave patients with the cash for a no-holds-barred resort getaway.