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Rialto Tower - great views of Melbourne
The Rialto Tower is on Collinn Street and has a really good observation deck. It is very famous in Melbourne for being the tallest office block in the whole of the southern hemisphere - that impressed me for starters. The observation deck stays open daily until quite late and on a clear day, you can see as far as you can imagine, almost anyway. It gives you a good feel for how the city is laid out as well. There is an admission charge and this include a show at the Rialto Vision Theatre. People often come here at the end of the day for the sunsets. There is a coffee shop bar thing if you need a drink.
Posted on 19/9/2007 by Rosemary Horton

Melbourne Aquarium - Here Fishy Fishy...
This is a fabulous attraction and the only Southern Ocean Aquarium that there is in Australia. It is on King Street and has lots of great fish and wierd marine creatures, like giant crabs and cuttle fish. This is also a display with some rock pools, and a huge coral reef exhibit. There was a recreational of a typical mangrove and some nice big sharks and rays. My children enjoyed the Dive Simulator and I quite liked the show at the Ocean Theatre. We were here for around three hours, but could easily have been here long if we'd stopped for a bit to eat.
Posted on 14/6/2007 by Selina McKellon

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