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Re. Another day in paradise
Linda, Isle Aux Cerfs is another good small island, just the same as Ile des Deux Cocos. It is also a paradise with a lovely and quaint little beach.
Posted on 7/4/2011 by Gillian Sanderson

Another day in paradise
Ile des Deux Cocos was the highlight of our honeymoon, even though we were only allowed to spend a day there. There were plenty of families there too though, so it is not just one for the lovers. We had a lovely little villa, were welcomed with champagne, and always had breathtaking views of our surroundings.
Posted on 28/3/2011 by Linda Hardman

Re. An escape from the ladies
Mr Hudson, may I also recommend to you the Legend Golf course at Poste De Flacq. It is the best we have here, in my humble view. A good way to spend some hours and a flat but technical course.
Posted on 4/7/2010 by Harolde Lowe

An escape from the ladies
My best friend and I had a double wedding and also a double honeymoon in the Mauritius. How grateful we were that the ladies let us off the leash for a few hours and allowed us to enjoy 18 holes at the Heritage Golf Club. Our wives just stayed in the club house drinking cocktails but there was apparently great food to be had too.
Posted on 30/6/2010 by John Hudson

Tucked away
We found the Chazal gardens in the middle of a set of green hills in southern Mauritius. A real haven this was, and recommended to all those that are about to do the zip-lining. I wasn't brave enough, but our teenage kids lapped it up while I relaxed in gardens with their uncle.
Posted on 13/10/2009 by L Stayley