Zaragoza Airport (ZAZ) Information

(Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain)

North-east Spain's Zaragoza Airport was first established as a US Air Force base in the late 1950s. Today, Spain's own air force uses this airport's military training facilities. This hub also once served as a NASA emergency space shuttle landing site, thanks to its long runway and Zaragoza's year-round mild weather.

Zaragoza Airport is still primarily a civilian facility and it has taken less than a decade for its annual passenger traffic to increase from 225,000 to slightly over 750,000.

Seasonal flights to Ibiza, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Menorca, Malaga and Mallorca have just been added to the airport's already busy schedule. Passengers can use Wizz Air flights to reach the Romanian cities of Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, as well as Ryanair flights to Brussels, Seville, London, Milan and Paris, all year round.

Zaragoza Airport (ZAZ)

Address: Carretera del Aeropuerto (A-120) / Camino de Barboles, Zaragoza, 50190, Spain
Tel: +34 976 712 300
Zaragoza Airport lies some 10 km / 6 miles to the west of Spain's fifth-most populous city, the Aragon regional capital of Zaragoza (Saragossa). Ancient Roman walls and at least half a dozen modern motorways surround the city's location, which is roughly halfway between Barcelona and Madrid.



The main road to Zaragoza Airport, the N-125, is just one of a number of major thoroughfares passing through the city. The city's other principal roads are the N-330, N-232, A-23, A-68 and the AP-2. All of these roads are easily navigable and well signed. Of note, drivers can park for up to ten minutes in the airport's designated temporary parking zone.

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Tel: +34 976 424 242
A Radio Taxi Zaragoza stand is situated in front of the main Arrivals hall. The taxi journey to the city usually lasts no longer than 15 minutes, with fares being calculated according to destination (Zone A or Zone B) and day of the week (weekend rates increase).


Tel: +34 902 306 065
The airport's bus service makes five separate stops throughout Zaragoza several times a day, including the Paseo de Maria Agustin. However, this is just one of some ten different city bus lines. In the city itself, ALSA buses regularly depart from the main Agreda Automovil bus station and run all the way to Madrid.