Attractions Nearby Zaragoza, Day Trips and Excursions

(Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain)

Just a short distance from central Zaragoza lie a host of attractions worth visiting. Consisting mainly of historic cities, towns and villages, many of these locations can be reached in under an hour from Zaragoza and feature endless attractions, including 12th-century castles, palaces, churches, scenic views and Medieval remains.

Some of the most popular attractions, cities and towns nearby Zaragoza include Calatayud, Illueca and Tarazona, and slighty further afield - Bilbao, San Sebastian and Barcelona, all of which are popular excursions from the Zaragoza area.


Bilbao is an important city in Spain's famous Basque Country, home to a population of around 358,000. Standing roughly 100 km / 62 miles to the northwest of Zaragoza, Bilbao can be easily reached by a range of transport, including cars, buses and trains. Known for its historic attractions, which are particularly concentrated around the Old Quarter (Casco Viejo) and the city's main public squares, such as the Plaza Circular and the Plaza Nueva, both shopping centres and restaurants are plentiful in Bilbao, with a wealth of boutiques and cafés throughout the city. Featuring a scenic coastal setting, Bilbao also contains a number of popular beach attractions on the city's northern outskirts, near to the mouth of the estuary.
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San Sebastian (Donostia)

Situated around 262 km / 163 miles to the north of Zaragoza, San Sebastian is a major city standing on Spain's northern side, near the French border, with a population of around 182,000. Located in the beautiful Spanish Basque Country, attractions in and around San Sebastian include many ancient buildings throughout the city's Old Quarter (Parte Vieja), the impressive aquariums at the Palacio del Mar centre, the scenic Funicular Railway, the roller coasters and fast rides at Monte Igeldo Amusement Park, and the enormous number of shops, restaurants and lively nightspots around San Sebastian Port (El Puerto).
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A sophisticated city full of class and character, many people staying in Zaragoza choose to visit Barcelona, which lies around 313 km / 195 miles to the east of the city, with the journey lasting less than three hours. Standing alongside the coast, much of Barcelona was redeveloped and renovated in preparation for the 1992 Olympic Games, which relaunched the city as a tourist destination, creating many new attractions and sights. Some of Barcelona's most popular attractions include the Olympic Village area, Parc Güell - with colourful works by Gaudi, shopping along the tree-lined Las Ramblas, and numerous magnificent avenues, mansions and churches.
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Address: Carinena, 50400, Aragon, Spain
Famous for its exceptional vineyards and wineries, the Carinena area is made up of a number of charming villages. Located around 50 km / 31 miles from Zaragoza, Carinena is a popular day trip and many vineyards in this part of Spain offer wine tasting and tours. Attractions within the village of Carinena include a Baroque-style church and remains of an ancient wall.


Address: Calatayud, 50300, Aragon, Spain
Standing around 80 km / 50 miles from Zaragoza, Calatayud is an appealing city, known for its historic castle ruins. Standing high above the city on a hill, these important castle remains are one of Calatayud's main attractions, together with the Santa Maria la Mayor Church and nearby Roman ruins.


Address: Caspe, 50700, Aragon, Spain
A popular excursion from the city, Caspe lies around 100 km / 63 miles from Zaragoza and is a large town. With a 14th-century church and a notable castle, Caspe's vast reservoir is one of the main attractions here, offering a range of recreational activities, including scenic walks and fishing.


Address: Daroca, 50360, Aragon, Spain
A historic town known for its Roman remains and ruins, Daroca is located around 95 km / 59 miles from Zaragoza. The town is worth a visit for its splendid 16th-century church, the Santa Maria Church, as well as many of historical buildings and structures.


Address: La Zona de las Cinco Villas, Eiea, 50600, Aragon, Spain
Part of the 'Five Towns' area, known locally as the 'Cinco Villas', Eiea can be reached by car or bus in just over an hour, being located approximately 85 km / 53 miles from Zaragoza. Eiea is an appealing town with a number of magnificent churches and ancient castle ruins.


Address: Illueca, Zaragoza, Toledo, 50250, Aragon, Spain
Just a short trip from Zaragoza, Illueca is a historic town with a rich Medieval heritage. One of the most famous landmarks in Illueca is the castle, which stands high above the town on the top of a hill and dates back to the 1300s.


Address: Autovia N-122, Zaragoza, 50003, Aragon, Spain
The journey from Zaragoza to the nearby town of Tarazona lasts little more than an hour and is worth the effort. Tarazona offers a spectacular 12th-century cathedral, a grand city hall (Ayuntamiento), and the summer 'Battle of the Tomatoes'. One of the most impressive buildings in Tarazona is the Bishop's Palace, which features breathtaking Renaissance-style architecture on a grand scale.


Address: Trasmoz, Zaragoza, 50583, Aragon, Spain
Tel: +34 976 64 6471
Trasmoz is a small and appealing village, situated approximately 80 km / 50 miles from the city of Zaragoza. Famous for being home to the remains of a magnificent 12th-century castle, the Castillo de Trasmoz, Trasmoz also features a museum about the castle and the legendary witches who were believed to live in this area many hundreds of years ago.