Frome Landmarks and Monuments

(Frome, Somerset, England, UK)

Frome is home to a surprising number of important historic landmarks and monuments in and around the town centre. Many of these landmarks date back many hundreds of years and have been well preserved, remaining in excellent condition.

Frome Landmarks and Monuments

Catherine Hill

Address: central Frome, Somerset, England
Catherine Hill is situated in central Frome, off Stony Street and Catherine Street. This steep cobbled street leads to Christchurch Street West, near Weymouth Road, and is lined with interesting shops, including many antiques shops. Frome's Catherine Hill is one of the town's many landmarks and every August, a popular medieval street fair is held on Catherine Hill, with a number of market stalls.

Cheap Street

Address: central Frome, Somerset, England
Cheap Street is one of Frome's major landmarks and is notable for its historic buildings, and the small stream (leet) that runs down the centre. Part of the original medieval street layout of the town, Cheap Street is situated next to Apple Alley, Leg of Mutton Lane and King Street. Cheap Street was Frome's original shopping street, connecting the market place to St. John's Church, and derives its name from the word 'ceap', meaning to sell. Attractions include many shops which are half-timbered in the Tudor style, and number 11 Cheap Street, an impressive Tudor house which is the oldest house in town and is over 500 years old.

Frome Bridge

Address: central Frome, Somerset, England
Frome bridge was originally built in 1667 and is one of only a handful of bridges in the world that are lined with shops actually on the bridge itself. This unusual structure features a number of multi-storey shops and connects the town centre with North Parade.

Frome Landmarks and Monuments

Gentle Street

Address: central Frome, Somerset, England
Gentle Street is a narrow and historic street, with many houses dating from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. This interesting, cobbled street provides one of the main routes into town and connects Christchurch Street East to St. John's Church.

Lion Fountain

Address: Church Street, Frome, Somerset, England
This intriguing landmark can be found at the top of King Street, next to St. John's Church. The fountain is an important part of Frome's history and this spring is responsible for the growth of the town many years ago. This subtle holy well is regarded as one of the most spectacular in the West Country.

Frome Landmarks and Monuments

Rook Lane Chapel

Address: Bath Street, Frome, Somerset, England
Rook Lane Chapel is situated near the top of Bath Street and is a grade 1 listed building. Built in 1707, Rook Lane Chapel was originally known as Rook Lane Congregational Church. The building has recently been restored and features one of the most beautiful exteriors in Somerset. Much of Rook Lane was replaced when Bath Street was built in 1810 and the building is now only used for special events and festivals in Frome.

Valentine's Lamp

Address: Catherine Hill, Frome, England
The Frome Valentine's Lamp is located at the top of Catherine Hill and is one of the town's most romantic landmarks, with a 'love seat' nearby. This is actually a working gas lamp that is dedicated to the memory of St. Valentine. Every years there are lighting ceremonies when the gas lamp is lit for the first time.

Frome Landmarks and Monuments

Blue House

Built in 1726, Frome's Blue House used to be known as the Blue School, due to the colour of the school's uniforms. It was also built as a home for elderly women and still houses old people today. Although it was built at the same time as Rook Lane Chapel, the Blue House actually cost almost four times as much to build.

Frome Market Cross (Boyle Cross)

Address: Market Place, Frome, Somerset, England
The historic Market Cross, also known as Boyle Cross, is situated in the heart of the town centre, in the original market place. This landmark divided the market place into upper and lower areas and today, every Wednesday and Saturday, Frome still has regular markets around Boyle Cross, selling fresh fish, flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.

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