Frome Sports and Outdoor Activities

(Frome, Somerset, England, UK)

The town of Frome has excellent sporting facilities, including a wide range of spectator sports, such as football, rugby and cricket. There are also good sports facilities in and around the town for participants, and these include golf courses, tennis courts, badminton courts, swimming pools, fitness centres and gymnasiums. The local Frome newspapers, including the Somerset Standard, provide a sports section listing daily local Frome sports events and there are many popular spectator sports.

The River Frome runs straight through the centre of Frome and is a particularly scenic spot for walking, especially along the Willow Vale section. There are also a few pubs along the way, near to the river and a Heritage Trail around the town, which leads to many interesting and historic buildings.

Frome Sports and Outdoor Activities

Sports Centre

Address: Princess Anne Road, Frome, Somerset, BA11 2SA, England
Tel: +44 (0)1373 465446
The Sports Centre offers excellent sporting facilities in the town of Frome and is open daily. Facilities here include:


Tel: +44 (0)1373 461182
Frome's Squash Club is located at Adderwell Road, halfway up Lock's Hill, and is within walking distance from the town centre.


Tel: +44 (0)1373 814666
Frome has a popular canoeing club that regularly meets at Frome's Market Yard, between April to September, to canoe on the adjacent River Frome.


The Rugby Club is situated on the outskirts of the town, on Gypsy Lane. Facilities include a large pitch, club house, fully-licenced bar, function room and car parking area. Many matches are played here during the rugby season and the Frome Rugby Club are highly regarded in the town.

Football / Soccer

There is an excellent football pitch in Frome, close to the town centre. Situated on Berkley Road, at the top of Badger's Hill, facilities at Frome Football Club include a large, covered seating area, floodlights, a club house, a fully-licenced bar and a car park.


Frome has a popular cricket club, on Rodden Road, close to the Vine Tree public house. Situated at the bottom of the Show Field, the cricket club play regular matches during the summer and have gained a loyal following in Frome.

Golf Courses

There are a number of golf courses in and around the town and this is a particularly relaxing sport. The golf courses in this area often have exceptional views of the surrounding countryside. The main golf courses in this area include:

Badminton Horse Trials

The famous Badminton Horse Trials are one of the world's greatest sports events and are held in the Duke of Beaufort's Gloucestershire Park, close to Bath. The Badminton Horse Trials are an annual event and take place every May.

Other sports and outdoor activities nearby Frome include:

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