Montreal Maps and Orientation

(Montreal, Quebec - QC, Canada)

Once the biggest city in the whole of Canada, until it was overtaken by Toronto in the mid-seventies, Montreal remains the largest and most important city within the province of Quebec, and is located on the south-westerly side of this province. Montreal is currently home to a population just topping 1.6 million inhabitants, although the area known as Greater Montreal has a much larger population and this is now approaching four million.

The city of Montreal has grown up around the very point where both the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence River meet, and is actually a similar distance from Toronto and New York, both of which are just over 310 miles / 500 km away. Close to hand is the federal capital of Ottawa, which is located around 105 miles / 170 km to the west. Some 170 miles / 275 km the north-east of Montreal is Quebec City, while further afield and to the north-east is both Halifax and New Brunswick.

Maps and Orientation of the City

Montreal comprises no less than 19 different boroughs and these areas are further divided into various neighborhoods. Ville-Marie is the most important of these boroughs and encompasses the downtown district, Old Montreal, the Gay Village area and also the lively Chinatown district. City maps are always useful and available from the tourists outlets on Mont Royal East Street, Rue Square Dorchester and Notre Dame East.

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