Santander Restaurants and Dining

(Santander, Cantabria, Spain)

Cafe photo, located alongside the cathedralCantabrian cuisine is likely to be a highlight of any holiday in Santander, and many atmospheric restaurants and eateries can be found within the city's old wine cellars, which are known to the locals as the 'bodegas'. Dining out in Santander is always an enjoyable pastime, and the waterfront promenades are brimming with pavement cafes and bars.

Many of the bars in Santander serve tasty snacks and tapas morsels, while others referred to as 'bares de copas' just serve drinks, being in good numbers around the Plaza de Canadio. A large number of restaurants and bars with separate dining rooms are to be found just a short stroll from the Plaza de Canadio, on streets such as the Calle de Daoiz y Velarde, the Calle de Hernan Cortés, the Calle del la Pena Herbosa, and the Calle del Rio de la Pila.

Picture of the local city eatery

What to Eat

Seafood is always extremely popular at restaurants in Santander, and some of the most traditional eateries are located within the colourful Fishing Quarter (Barrio Pesquero) and around the Small Port (Puerto Chico). Here, dining venues serve fish caught from around the coastline and the fishing wharf, such as bass, hake, mackerel, sardines and sole, as well as crabs and lobsters. Fresh fish, including both salmon and trout, are also often featured on the menus, often originating from the rivers around Cantabria.

Also popular at Santander's restaurants is 'highlander stew' (cocido montanés), fish stew (marmita), and various pastries and cakes, such as 'quesada' and 'sobaos'. Meals are often accompanied by regional Spainish wines, such as Rioja, originating from Cantabria's many vineyards. Look out for the innumerable ice creamery outlets dotted around the city centre, offering an array of sumptuous flavours, perfect for a sunny day.