Santander Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Santander, Cantabria, Spain)

Picture showing the Santander coastlineSantander is a resort community in northern Spain that also operates a sleek, modern port. The historic quarter is charming, and it continues to attract investors with its old-world ambiance and lively entertainment scene.

Property values in Spain are reasonable overall and prospective buyers will find that homes are sold for substantially less in Santander than in the neighbouring resort of San Sebastian. Low interest rates sweeten the arrangements and have attracted investors from the UK in recent years.

Santander is a small community and most of the properties for sale or rent here are centrally located. The most famous buildings are on Somorrostro Hill, and the few rental properties in this area are relatively expensive. The most noteworthy holiday villas and rentals are near El Sardinero, where there is ample beach access.

Renting Serviced Apartments

El Sardinero is also the best place to arrange serviced apartments in Santander. This neighbourhood caters mainly to tourists and expatriates, and there are many fully furnished rental properties near the main resorts. Most of these provide excellent value for money when compared to furnished villas and luxury hotel rooms within the resort.

Facilities like these are amenities-oriented, offering all of the conveniences that a business traveller would need while in Santander. A few serviced apartments are right on the beach as well, making the perfect setting for an extended working holiday. For short-term stays, they offer little savings, but discounts apply for periods of a week or two to several months.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Arranging property purchases or holiday rentals in Spain can be confusing, and there are many legal issues the foreign prospective buyer needs to keep in mind. Buyer and seller must arrange a contract in advance, and the buyer must lay down a ten percent non-refundable deposit. However, if a seller backs out of the sale, they have to pay back double the deposit to the would-be buyer.

The buyer pays six to seven percent tax on the sale price. Other miscellaneous fees and taxes may apply, and the contract has to be notarised. After the sale has been completed, the new property owner is advised to register their title to ensure complete property rights.

Real Estate Agents

There is really no substitute to finding an English-speaking real estate agent in Santander. There are several local laws that have to be taken into account, and special permission must be obtained to turn certain houses and apartments into holiday rentals. A competent estate agent knows all of this intimately and will effortlessly guide the prospective buyer through the process.

Check out the following Santander real estate agents:

Gato Callejero
Address: Calle Calderón de la Barca, 15 - 1° Dcha, Santander, 39002, Cantabria, Spain
Tel: +34 0942 07 8888
Gato Callejero has collaborated with a company in North America to set up an international-calibre directory of available properties in Santander.

KER 2000
Address: Avenida Reina Victoria 22, Santander, 39004, Cantabria, Spain
Tel: +34 0942 29 0442
KER 2000k has two and a half decades of experience in Santander real estate, offering a comprehensive range of properties for sale.

Distrito Inmobiliario
Address: Avenida Reina Victoria 15, Bajo, Santander, 39004, Cantabria, Spain
Tel: +34 0942 31 8281
Located in the heart of the city, Distrito Inmobiliario operates a comprehensive portfolio of rental properties, vacation villas and land for sale.