Paphos Restaurants and Dining

(Paphos, Cyprus)

Photo of al fresco cafe tablesThe restaurants in Paphos are fairly random when it comes to quality and pricing. Dining out need not be an expensive affair in Paphos, although the more touristy the restaurant, the higher the price is likely to be.

Do try to check out the restaurant before you choose to actually eat there. If you can see local Cypriots dining there, then you can feel pretty safe that the cuisine is decent and good value.

Harbour walkway view

Where to Eat

Tourists wishing to enjoy a taster of Cypriot fare in Paphos should head to restaurants with 'meze' on the menus.

These meze platters consist of a selection of small dishes, which often include olives, 'skordalia' (garlic and potatoes), 'tashi' (a type of tahini), 'taramosalata' (dip made from fish roe) and 'tzatziki' (yoghurt and cucumber), being accompanied with salad and freshly baked bread.

Picture of hotel dining area in the sunshineA number of the restaurants around the harbour are reliable, as are the dining venues lining the Tombs of the King Road (Tafon Ton Vasileon), with the Zaffron Restaurant being a real treat for foodies and likely to provide you with very memorable mouthwatering Mediterranean-influenced dishes.

For the best choice of eateries in Paphos, the Ktima neighbourhood is the place to eat out, where seafood meze and Cypriot tavernas await.