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The National Parks of Brisbane
There are a number of national parks encircling the greater area of the city. The nearest is located at Mount Glorious and features lots of subtropical trees and plants. This park is around 25 miles from central Brisbane. We drove there and it was quite easy to find.
Posted on 14/1/2008 by Lizzie

Brisbane and the historic Newstead House
The city's Newstead House is quite famous for being the oldest of all the city's houses and was built in 1846. It is next to the Brisbane River and stands on Breakfast Creek Road. It is heritage listed and contains a good museum, with lots of interesting bits and pieces.
Posted on 16/8/2007 by Brian Wells

Cruising on the River Ferry
Take a cruise on the river. You won't regret it. It gives you a chance to enjoy some views and angles that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see. There are several different boat stops on the river, where you can hop on a boat and join that particular stretch.
Posted on 8/6/2007 by Henry

Sand Tobogganing in Brisbane, on Fraser Island
What a laugh sand tobogganing turned out to be. You've gotta try it. Got to Fraser Island, where the beaches are just enormous and go on for miles and miles. The steep dunes are perfect for this toboagning. It wasn't quite like zooming down the Alps, but was a lotta fun. Phew, was it ever hot though!
Posted on 3/2/2007 by Anon

Big Cats on the Brisbane River
There are some catamaran boats on the river called 'Big Cats'. These cruise past all of the most interesting bits and the cruise can last several hours if you want it to. The best bit for me what that it was so cheap, like hardly anything. A very good way to sightsee on a budget.
Posted on 30/11/2006 by Matthew Borington

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