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About the Orchid Farm
We were looking for something different to day after we'd been in Phuket for a few days and so we thought we'd go to the Orchid Farm. It is near to the Chalong Bay. It was quite amazing and I was not expecting to see so many flowers - what a sight, and so many butterflies fluttering around everywhere. Magical. Would recommend is you are looking for something other than beaches, water sports and temples.
Posted on 22/2/2008 by Sammy Boston

The Night Markets
Phuket Town is well known for its night markets and it was an experience worth having. They are around Ranong Road and also Soi. There is a lot of fresh produce, fruit, veg, meats and tons of fragrant spices, but it was the after hours atmosphere that I enjoyed the most. Lots of hot foods and snacks to enjoy, so don't eat before you come here, you can't help yourself when you smell the food - and a lot of servings are only about ten baht. Most people come here around 18:00ish, when it is at its best.
Posted on 6/12/2007 by Linda Danson

The Caves and Beaches
Go to Pha Nga Bay like we did and see the limestone caves. They were incredible. Some were at sea level, and people were actually exploring them not on foot, but by kayak. Looked a lot of fun, but we took a proper tour of the main one.
Posted on 19/8/2007 by Herb

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