Attractions Nearby Phuket, Day Trips and Excursions

(Phuket, Thailand)

View of Phra Nang BeachFor many, the endless coastal attractions around Phuket Island are more than enough and tourists often spend their entire holiday in just one of the main beach resorts, such as Patong. For others, the tempting attractions nearby Phuket make for the perfect day trip, particularly the beautiful Phang Nga Bay and its island of Khao Tapu, perhaps better known as James Bond Island.

Further attractions close to Phuket include endless scuba diving and marine life around the Surin Islands National Park, the Similan Islands National Marine Park, Phi Phi Islands and Coral Island, with boat trips to these locations readily available.

Photo of sunbathers on Phra Nang Beach

Krabi Province / Phra Nang Beach

The vast Krabi Province lies directly east of Phuket Island and is blessed with breathtaking scenery and many awesome natural attractions, including dramatic limestone cliffs, which regularly attract all levels of rock climber. In particular, look out for Phra Nang Beach, which is reputed to be amongst the most beautiful beaches on the planet, offering soft white sand, crystal clear waters and many large palm trees, creating the ultimate tropical resort.

Picture of the Surin Islands National Park

Mu Ko Surin National Park

The five islands comprising the Mu Ko Surin National Park can be easily reached by boats from Phuket and are known for their secluded coves, stunning bays and lush jungle areas. However, the Surin Islands are particularly famous for their superb dive sites, while other attractions include a local community of Sea Gypsies and regular sightings of whale sharks.

Photo of the Similan Islands National Marine Park

Similan Islands National Marine Park

The nine Similan Islands lies approximately 90 km / 56 miles to the north-west of Phuket and are famed for their exceptional scuba diving conditions and underwater attractions. With beautiful clear, warm waters, whether your are diving at a depth of 2 metres / 6.5 feet or 30 metres / 98 feet, you will always find plenty to see in this beautiful sea landscape, ranging from enormous smooth rock formations, to rock reef and caves. The scuba diving around the Similan Islands is at its absolutely best between December and May. Speedboat day trips from Phuket are extremely popular and amongst the quickest way to reach the islands.
Open hours: December to April

Image showing the Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands

Day excursions from Phuket to the nearby Phi Phi Islands are worth considering, particularly if you enjoy snorkelling. The many attractions on these two beautiful islands are less than one hour away from Phuket by boat. Maya Bay is especially scenic and notable, with plenty of additional nearby secluded beaches to choose from. The Phi Phi Islands themselves lie between Phuket Island and also the western Andaman Sea shoreline of the mainland.

Picture of famous rock at Phang Nga Bay (Khao Tapu)

Phang Nga Bay / James Bond Island (Khao Tapu)

A picturesque setting within easy reach of Phuket, Phang Nga Bay is one of the most visited neighbouring attractions. Those lucky enough to visit Phang Nga Bay will immediately understand its popularity and tourist appeal. Many people come here to visit the bay's island of Khao Tapu, which often goes by the name of James Bond Island, following its appearance in the celebrated movie, 'The Man with the Golden Gun'.

Photo of beach at Coral Island

Coral Island

An especially popular setting, many tourists on Phuket set aside a whole day to visit the attractions on Coral Island. Just a 30-minute boat trip from Phuket, Coral Island is home to stunning beaches, plenty of water sports, a good selection of restaurants, and a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Whatever the time of year, sunny days are commonplace here.