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The People's Square in Dalian
The People's Square is another big square in the city centre and has some big areas of grass and flowers. It was once called Stalin Square, but the name got changed. The are lots of nice government buildings nearby, as well as the courthouse and police station.
Posted on 2/1/2008 by Mia Witherspoon

Friends at the Friendship Square
The main reason to visit Friendship Square for me was to see the massive International Friendship Monument - a giant shpere, which is illuminated at night. Zhongshan Square is quite close by, but much bigger.
Posted on 5/12/2007 by Chuck

Lots of banks around Zhongshan Square
Zhongshan Square marks the heart of Dalian and is one of the largest of all the public squares, if not THE largest. The architecture here has a definite Russian influence. There are loads of big banks nearby, so if you want to find a cashpoint, there are plenty to choose from here. Then wander over to the nearby International Friendship Monument, which you can't miss in the background.
Posted on 16/9/2007 by Dude

Yellow Sea Beaches
Dalian is very lucky to have such a gorgeous position next to the Yellow Sea. There are some really lovely beaches around the coastline if you like. It also lends itself to sea fishing it you are into that kind of thing.
Posted on 12/6/2007 by Jack Gibson

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