Dalian Parks and Gardens

(Dalian, Liaoning, China)

Picture of waterfront at Labour ParkThe gardens around Dalian are diverse to say the least, with coastal parks, woodland areas and even a park filled with giant rocks. Many of the parks in Dalian boasts secluded seating areas, where you can sit quietly and enjoy the views and tranquillity.

In particular, Fujiazhuang Park features one of the city's biggest and most popular beaches, while for families staying in the city, the amusement rides at Labour Park are guaranteed to be a hit.

Photo showing seasonal flower display at Labour Park

Labour Park

Address: Lushan Lane, Dalian, Liaoning, 116013, China, CN
Tel: +86 411 8364 5463
Sited alongside Lushan Mountain and steeped in history, Labor Park features a mixture of landscaped garden areas, amusement rides, animal attractions and sculptures. Labour Park is located in the Lushan area of Dalian and is home to expansive areas of grass, huge swathes of colourful summer flowers, and plenty of seating areas.
Open hours: daily - dawn to dusk
Admission: free

Donghai Park

Address: Binhai Road, Zhong Shan, Dalian, Liaoning, 116000, China, CN
Tel: +86 411 8271 8734
Donghai Park lies on the southern side of the downtown district, alongside the beachfront. Known for its sculptures, coastal views and walking trail, this popular park is worth visiting for the scenery alone.
Open hours: daily - 08:00 to 21:00
Admission: free

Fujiazhuang Park

Address: Bing Hai Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China, CN
Sited approximately 5 km / 3 miles from the very heart of the city, the sunny Fujiazhuang Park offers the perfect respite from the hustle and bustle of life in central Dalian. With woodland pathways, a prominent beachfront area, and plenty of boats moored up nearby, the warm turquoise waters edging Fujiazhuang Park are particularly inviting and many people choose to swim here during the summer months.
Open hours: daily - dawn to dusk
Admission: free

Jinshi Yuan Park

Address: Jinshi Road, Dalian, Liaoning, China, CN
Jinshi Yuan Park offers a rather unusual landscape for a city park, being full of enormous rocks. Over the years, these rocks have been sculpted into strange and appealing shapes by the elements and are worth a visit, providing endless photo opportunities. Many of the rocks stand at more than 20 metres / 65 feet, creating a dramatic appearance.
Open hours: daily - dawn to dusk
Admission: free