Valencia Parks and Gardens

(Valencia, Valencian Community, Spain)

Despite being such a large and busy city, Valencia is home to a surprising number of green spaces, including landscaped gardens and spacious parklands. Some of the main gardens in Valencia include the Jardines de Monforte (Monforte Gardens) and the Jardin Botánico (Valencia Botanical Gardens), both of which offer a large collection of exotic and Mediterranean plants.

Valencia's Jardines del Real / Viveros (Royal Gardens) are currently the site of the city zoo, although this is moving to the Parque de Cabecera by the end of 2006, when it will also feature a major amusement park. Also worth a mention are the Jardines del Viejo Cauce del Turia (Gardens of the River Turia), located in central Valencia along the dried-up riverbed, after the River Turia was artificially diverted in 1957.

Jardines de Monforte (Monforte Gardens)

Address: Plaza de la Legión Espanola, Valencia, 46010, Spain
Tel: +34 96 352 5478
Located in the centre of Valencia, the Monteforte Gardens contains many interesting aspects, including a series of fountains and ponds. Other attractions at the gardens include many marble statues and the Recreation Pavilion, which features stylish architecture.
Open hours: daily - 10:30 to 19:00
Admission: free

Jardines del Real / Viveros (Royal Gardens)

Address: General Elio, 1, Valencia, 46010, Spain
Tel: +34 96 352 5478
One of the most popular gardens in the whole of Valencia, the Royal Gardens were once home to a grand castle which was built almost 1,000 years ago. Attractions at the gardens include secluded seating areas, colourful planting and many secluded spots.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Jardin Botánico (Botanical Gardens)

Address: Beato Gaspar Bono, 6, Valencia, 46008, Spain
Tel: +34 96 391 1665
Famous throughout Spain, the Valencia Botanical Gardens stand in the Oliverata area and date back around 400 years. With superb landscaping, many mature trees and plants, important horticultural collections and literally thousands of plant specimens, the Valencia Botanical Gardens cover around 4 acres / 2 hectares and are popular with both locals and visitors alike. Seasonal flower borders are well-maintained throughout the year and seating areas are plentiful, along the pathways.
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 10:00 to 19:00
Admission: free

Jardines del Viejo Cauce del Turia (Gardens of the River Turia)

Address: Puente Ángel Custodio, Valencia, 46006, Spain
Tel: +34 96 393 3991
Following considerable flooding in 1957, the River Turia was artificially diverted to the southern side of Valencia. The riverbed soon dried up and was used to created a number of landscaped gardens, lined with cycle trails and pathways, transforming this part of the city. Of particular interest, Gulliver's park, close to the Palacio de la Música, it always popular with children and families.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Parque de Benicalap (Benicalap Park)

Address: Francisco Morote Greus, Valencia, 46025, Spain
Tel: +34 96 347 2960
Offering a host of recreational activities, the Parque de Benicalap is a popular place for families. Highlights at the park include an extensive playground area for children, an outdoor swimming pool and the remains of a historic orange grove.
Open hours: daily - 07:00 to 22:00
Admission: free