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The Main Beach in Benidorm - Poniente
The Playa Poniente is the man beach in Benidorm, and the longest. It can become a bit crowded in the summer, by lunchtime, when all the sunbathers head to the sand. However, the mornings here are alway much quieter, and again by the end of the afternoon. The water is clear, warm and good for swimming.
Posted on 23/3/2008 by Jason

Make Sure You Go To Peacock Island
If you are having a vacation in Benidorm, then you've simply gotta go to Peacock Island. This is a small island close to the Benidorm coastline and around a ten-minute boat ride. You can catch boats from the port all day and enjoy some really great views of Benidorm as you leave the port. Peacock Island is a good place for snorkelling and stuff like that.
Posted on 23/9/2007 by Matt Brown

Benidorm Hotel Bali
The Hotel Bali is one of the tallest of all the Spanish hotels and definitely something for Benidorm to be proud about. It is so tall that you can literally see in for miles, before you even reach central Benidorm. There are even guided tours of the hotel, where visitors can check out the views from the very top. Sounds good to me.
Posted on 6/6/2007 by Julie

Benidorm Theme Park - Terra Mitica
Terra Mitica is a popular theme park in Benidorm and it doesn't matter whether or not you've got kids in tow, this is one place to add to your list of things to do. The park itself is full of live entertainment, music and shows, and there are lots of fast rides and roller coasters. Terra Mitica is off the A7 Highway - junction 65A.
Posted on 20/8/2006 by Diane Polden

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