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Whale Watching in Tenerife - and Dolphins!
If you can, try to go on a whale watching or dolphin trip. We caught a boat from the port at Los Cristianos and they guaranteed that we would see some whales - and we did. We saw five or six whales and they even swan right next to the boat at one stage. They didn't seem to be at all bothered about all the excitement and fuss that they were causing - in fact they appeared quite oblivious. We only saw dolphins in the very distance at one stage, as apparently they are much harder to find, and it is quite likely that you might not see any on some trips. The various operators tend to let each other know what's in the water that day, and where to find it. It was a very memorable day and we didn't need to book ahead or anything like that.
Posted on 4/3/2008 by Avril

Strolling around Los Cristianos
We very much enjoyed strolling around the Los Cristianos harbour when we stayed in Tenerife during the summer. We kept coming back time and time again, mainly because of the restaurants and the large number of bars. There were a few nice looking hotels and if we ever came back to Tenerife, I would probably choose to stay here, or very nearby. This is a quieter spot than the nearby Playas de las Americas, and smaller in size, although every bit as appealing. These two resort areas kind of merge into one anyway. Boat trips run from Los Cristianos to La Gomera, if you fancy a spot of island hopping.
Posted on 31/10/2007 by David Tommey

Parques Exoticos, Cactus and Amazonia in Tenerife
The park is a nice family attractions and my children particularly liked the Amazonia area, where there were loads of colourful birds, repitles, monkeys and some interesting looking turtles. For me, the cactus garden was the best bit. We came from the Playa de las Americas via a free bus straight to the park.
Posted on 14/10/2006 by Caroline Welson

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