Pisa Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Pisa, Tuscany, Italy)

The magical Italian city of Pisa in Tuscany is famous for its stunning architectural designs. Property in Pisa commands high prices, although many of the buildings here are old, including more than 20 historical churches, palaces and bridges that are protected.

The city centre is one of the most popular places to reside, particularly along the Arno River, while the surrounding areas of the city are home to the majority of the residential homes that are for sale or rent. In line with the rest of Tuscany, rental prices in Pisa are known for being high. The market at Piazza Vettovaglie attracts many locals, and property close to this area is in demand and consequently, expensive.

There are many houses available for long-term lets as well as purchase, and investing in a property to rent as a holiday home here will yield good returns due to Pisa's world status as a tourist destination.

Renting Serviced Apartments

There are few serviced apartments for rent in Pisa as the city is mainly a tourist attraction that draws thousands of short-term holiday makers annually. Close to the main businesses in the city centre, there are a few apartments available for rent and these are high in price and fairly low on service offerings.

One should expect to pay at least as much as in a large European city, such as London, but in return, service, facilities and amenities will be simple. However, swimming pools are often included, while general home appliances are likely to be somewhat dated.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Italy is famous for its red tape, which puts many foreigners off buying property here. The property scene here is also well known for being a seller's market and in Pisa (a typical tourist-hotspot), sellers will demand an immediate holding fee that does not hold any legal strength for the buyer for a property.

Many recommend using a lawyer from your home country, as well as an Italian lawyer who will handle the actual deal. Property for sale in Pisa is often protected by laws prohibiting owners from further work, such as extensions, so ensure you use a good lawyer and a reliable estate agency, and be prepared to pay out for aspects that are unheard of in the UK or the US.

Real Estate Agents

Pisa is home to a decent selection of estate agents and many of these speak a mixture of languages, with English being fairly dominant. The centre of the city is a good place to find many of these agencies, while the Internet and local telephone directories are also useful.

Check out the following Pisa real estate agents:

Il Mattone
Address: Via Benedetto Croce 5, Pisa, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)50 42 480
Email: info@agenziailmattone.com
Website: www.agenziailmattone.com
Il Mattone is an independent real estate agent in Pisa and prides itself on offering a personal service.

Address: Corso Italia 89, Pisa, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)50 40 930
Email: sandomenico@sandomenico.pi.it
Website: www.sandomenico.pi.it
SanDomenico is a well-established real estate agent in Pisa and looks to offer only the best in home rentals and sales.

Address: Via San Jacopo 111, Pisa, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)50 562 689
Email: info@casapisa.it
Website: www.casapisa.it
Casapisa provides all manner of homes for rent, sale and holiday let. It is well established in the city and prides itself in keeping its website updated daily.