Pisa Shopping and Markets / Mercato

(Pisa, Tuscany, Italy)

Pisa Shopping and MarketsPisa is without doubt the one of the most interesting centres for shopping in Italy and the numerous districts and streets in Pisa provide a shopper's paradise.

Selling a wide variety of quality Italian goods, including jewellery, stylish clothes and tempting, gorgeous food, shops in Pisa are also full of souvenirs. The arcaded Borgo Stretto is one of Pisa's smartest and is full of shops with glittering consumer desirables. Try visiting some of the backstreets, which are where the locals in Pisa tend to shop, for a more interesting approach to shopping.

Pisa shops are generally open from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 or 16:00 to 19:30 or 20:00, although many of the bigger shops in Pisa now open all day. On Saturday shops tend to close earlier at around 17:30 and only a few open on Sundays. Also, many shops in Pisa do not open on Monday morning. There is usually late-night shopping every week on Thursdays in Pisa.

Pisa Markets (Mercato)

Pisa Shopping and MarketsFull of character and real life, the busy markets in Pisa, Italy are an integral part of Pisan local life. They provide a great place to find bargains in Pisa or just browse around the wide variety of stalls and enjoy the exciting atmosphere and local market banter. Pisa's bustling markets range from the very large to the small, discreet collection of stalls, situated in small squares in Pisa. They are held in and around Pisa, providing a fun way to shop, for both experienced and novice bargain hunters alike.