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Winter Break
I recently enjoyed a winter break in Pisa, while I was there I thought I should take the obligatory photo of its leaning tower. I would highly recommend seeing the tower at night, you won't be able to climb the tower after 5pm and the shops close at 6pm. It's a really long thin climb, but its worth it!
Posted on 6/1/2013 by Simeon

The Simply Stunning Piazza dei Miracoli
Everything is gathered in the Piazza dei Miracoli, which is such a surprising place. The Duomo cathedral is the very heart of the square and dates from 1604. And of course, there is the Baptistery and the cathedra's very famous belltower (campanile), known to the world as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The lawns are beautifully maintained and lush green, rather like a bowling green. I couldn't help but take photo after photo, including the obligatory shot of me, holding up the tower and stopping it from falling over - you know the one! Had to be done, everyone else was doing it!
Posted on 19/10/2007 by Maddie Roseland

How is it still standing? The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the Italy's most famous sights and the main reason the we and most other people tend to come here. The architect who built the tower really got things wrong in a big way and it started to lean after only the first three tiers had been built. If you look carefully you can see how the upper floors lean slightly the other way, built to try and counteract the overall lean, but it's ended up making it look more like a banana! They have now managed to stabilise the lean and have even straightened it a little, although it is still quite extreme. They have now reopened it to the public and so we thought we take a climb to the top. It was very strange and a bit like the 'House of Fun' at a fairground, with the stairs leaning in quite a pronounced way. Get here early, before everybody else does.
Posted on 23/4/2007 by Avril Tommey

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