Genoa Events and Festivals

(Genoa / Genova, Liguria, Italy)

Picture showing the annual Tall Ships FestivalItalian towns and cities are renowned for their colourful festivals and Genoa is no exception. The city's festivals and many annual events celebrate everything from poetry and ballet, to regional gastronomy and the works of Genoa's most celebrated violinist, Paganini.

In addition, Genoa hosts many sporting events, trade fairs and seasonal celebrations. They are usually publicized in local newspapers and by local tourist office, so you can sure there are always plenty of things to see, do and enjoy.

Genoa Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Antiqua - antique art exhibition held at Fiera di Genova and featuring the works of many regional artists


  • Artegenova - modern and contemporary art market held at the Fiera di Genova. Exhibitors feature works of art which include pictures, sculptures, graphic art, bronzes and ceramics
  • Marathon of the Sea - mid-February, a race which is held in the ancient streets of Genoa. Thousands flood the city, both to participate and to watch


  • Mostra Mercato del Disco - held at Fiera di Genova, this popular music event on Genoa's calendar welcomes some 80 exhibitors as well as huge crowds of music fans and collectors. On sale are a vast range of CDs, DVDs, LPs, cassettes and videos


  • Holiday on Ice - each year in mid-April, Genoa's Mazda Palace becomes the stage for dozens of internationally-renowned skaters as they perform an ice spectacular
  • Primavera - an exhibition of everything to do with creating the ideal home in Italy. Exhibitors showcase furniture, crafts, food and wine, clothes, gifts, camping equipment, and cars and motorbikes. Restaurants, fashion shows and children's activities offer plenty of fun for the whole family


  • European Skate Slalom Trophy - held in Genoa's Via Assarotti. Amateurs and professionals compete in two skate slaloming competitions which take them through city streets on rollerblades
  • Foccaccia Festival - mid-May, a food-inspired celebration of one of the city's best-loved delicacies


  • La Regata delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare - held every four years in Genoa, this historic boat race and procession has been staged since 1956. As well as costumes and spectacular boats, there are scenes from medieval history and a race between teams of contestants from the ancient maritime cities of Genoa, Pisa, Venice
    and Amalfi
  • Millevele - also known as 'A Thousand Sails', this traditional regatta is held in the bay of Genoa's Porto Antico
  • Feast Day of St. John - every June the ashes of St. John the Baptist are taken out of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and paraded through the streets
  • International Poetry Festival - held amidst the splendid surroundings of Palazzo Ducale, this acclaimed poetry festival is widely recognized as one of the world's main literary events. The festival finishes with a poetic rave held on the beach


  • Mediterranean Music Festival - a series of music concerts held in various venues around the Porto Antico and Old Town districts. A wide range of world music is featured, with additional activities including workshops, parades and a conference
  • Tall Ships' Race - end of July, the Genoa stage gives locals and visitors a final chance to see the Tall Ships' Race which starts in Spain a few week's earlier
  • International Ballet Festival - a month of ballet performances are staged every other year
  • Goa-Boa Festival - held in the Porto Antico. The Festival offers a varied programme of contemporary music featuring concerts by leading artists from all over the world


  • Festival In Una Notte d'Estate - mid-August, a festival of theatre which is held in Piazza San Matteo. Each year, a different theme is chosen


  • Paganiana - held in various venues throughout Genoa, a series of events which celebrates the work of Genoa's most famous musician and composer, Niccolò Paganini. As well as concerts given by top-class musicians from all over the world, there are also conferences, meetings, masterclasses and other cultural activities


  • Pesto e Dintorni Festival - held at Palazzo Ducale. Food-lovers won't want to miss out on this celebration of that great Italian dish, pesto, and its essential seven ingredients: basil, garlic, oil, salt, pine-nuts, pecorino and grana cheese
  • Genova Boat Show - held early- to mid-October, here's a chance to see the latest happenings in the luxury boat market, with exhibitors showcasing everything from boat and yacht accessories to the latest marina developments and nautical gifts
  • Tuttantico - held in Genoa's Piazzale Kennedy, this vast antique market sells everything from furniture to jewellery and paints


  • Festiva della Scienza - the festival features a series of exhibitions, workshops, meetings and performances relating to the world of science. Many events are suitable for non-Italian speaking visitors


  • Christmas Market - an unusual event which is unlike most other Christmas markets. The Piazza Caricamento is transformed into a make-believe medieval land
  • Marc d'Inverno - held at the Fiera di Genova, this trade fair features amateur radio operator technology, as well as hi-fi and car stereo equipment