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Beautiful Miramare Castle
The thing with the Miramare Castle is that it occupies an incredible position right next to the sea. From all over the casle, the windows seem to offer different views of the Adriatic Sea. We were lucky enough to come here in the spring and the park was bursting will spring flowers and bulbs - quite a sight I can tell you!
Posted on 31/3/2007 by Evan Jackson

Trieste and the Miramare Castle
This castle is one of the most famous sights of Trieste and you are likely to see it cropping up time and time again in brochures and travel guides. Miramare Castle is right by the sea and on the Viale Miramare. Go inside and you can explore many of the rooms, like the library and its impressive chandelier.
Posted on 5/9/2007 by Luke Begler

Roman Times at the old Roman Theatre
Went went for a stroll around Triesta and down the San Giusto Hill. We soon found the Roman Theatre, on the Via del Teatro Romano. It was quite incedible to imagine that once more than 5,000 people watched gladiator shows here and things like that, almost 2,000 years ago - and this amphitheatre was only discovered around 80 years ago. Remarkable. Some outdoor concerts are now staged here in the summer, after it has been partly restored.
Posted on 17/7/2007 by Andy Levalle

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