Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ) Information

(Leipzig, Saxony, Germany)

The Leipzig Halle Airport is a major air hub in the Saxony region of eastern Germany. It handles more than two million passengers a year from destinations all over Europe. The airport is modern, having been improved for the city's 2012 Olympic Games bid, and has two terminals.

Flights arrive from throughout Germany, as well as from London, Paris and other EU capitals and minor cities. Air Berlin is the principal airline here, while German flag carrier Lufthansa also serves the airport, along with Germania and Ryanair.

Located in the Schkeuditz part of Saxony, to the north-west of Leipzig, the airport is well served by rail from all over the region. The complex, which features extensive facilities, is noted for its interesting design, with planes taxiing over the autobahn.

Leipzig Halle Airport (LEJ)

Address: Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
Tel: +49 341 224 1155
The Leipzig Halle Airport is situated on the edge of the Saxony area, in former East Germany, some 18 km / 11 miles north-west of Leipzig. The site features two modern terminals (the Central Terminal and Terminal B) and can be used as an alternative to Dresden Airport.

Leipzig Airport Guide



The centre of Leipzig is about 30 minutes by road from the airport. Two autobahns (high-speed motorways) run past the site - the A14 (to Dresden) and the A9 (to Nuremberg). Take the A14 for locations to the north and east of Leipzig, and the A9 for places to the west and south. For the city centre, follow the slip road and Route 6. Roads are well-laid out around Saxony, with Germans always driving on the right.

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Getting to the city by bus is not necessarily the best mode of transport. Services originate from nearby Delitzsch and Schkeuditz, while the Berlin Linien Bus runs through the Leipzig Halle Airport twice per day. A better option is to use one of the many shuttle services at the airport.


The FlughafenExpress train runs every 30 minutes from the S-Bahn station outside of the airport, taking around 15 minutes to reach the Central Station within the city itself. Rail services also connect with cities in the region, including both Magdeburg and Dresden.

Taxis and Limousines

Taxis wait outside Terminal B and take about 30 minutes to reach the city centre. Taxi companies include DTS Taxi Service, Funktaxi Leipzig, Löwentaxi and Taxigenossenschaft. Limousines are also available and are bookable in Arrivals or online prior to arrival.