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(Christchurch, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand NZ)

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The Avon River, one of the most important natural landmarks in Christchurch

A number of popular punting firms are available around many areas of the Avon River

Oxford Terrace, a major dining area in the city centre, also known as 'The Strip'

The historic Christchurch Tramway travels approximately 2.5 km / 1.5 miles around the city centre

Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in the Southern Alps and the whole of New Zealand

Skiing is particularly popular in the nearby Southern Alps

The International Antarctic Centre, containing many exciting hands-on exhibits, real snow slopes and snowmobile rides

The Banks Peninsula, full of natural beauty spots, vineyards, gardens and mountainous regions

Photo of South Brighton Beach, in eastern Christchurch, a peaceful beach suitable for sunbathing, swimming and occasional surfing

Scenic view of the outskirts of Christchurch, around Lyttelton Harbour

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