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The Carp Castle
The Carp Castle is another name for the Hiroshima Castle. It was built in 1590 and towers above the surrounding cherry trees and the Otagawa River. Even though you could be fooled into thinking that this castle was over 400 years old, it is actually much younger, because the original was completely destroyed when the atomic bomb was dropping in 1945. It was rebuilt ten years later and probably looks exactly the same as it did. It looked pretty authentic to me anyway!
Posted on 16/11/2007 by Virginia Short

The Floating Torri Gate at Miyajima
If you are coming to Hiroshima, then you've just gotta come to Miyajima. Everyone comes here to see the bring red Torii gate, which appears to be floating on the water. The reflections are wonderful and the mountains behind make this quite magical. You can join a boat trip if you want to get closer to the gate, although we thought that wasn't really necessary. To get to Miyajima, we caught a streetcar in Hiroshima and then a ferry, so it was quite a scenic journey anyway.
Posted on 5/8/2007 by Melody Jones

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