Beijing Maps and Orientation

(Beijing, China)

Beijing is the second biggest city in the whole of the People's Republic of China population wise, and stands on the northern side of the North China Plain, within the Beijing Municipality. The actual boundaries of this enormous capital city have become rather unclear, as it continues to expand. Various rivers run through the Beijing Municipality, including both the Chaobai and Yongding rivers, with the northernmost tip of the important Grand Canal of China being located within the city itself.

This sprawling metropolis is edged to the north-west by the enormous Jundu Mountains, while on Beijing's western side you will find the Xishan Mountains, which offer a particularly attractive backdrop. To the north of Beijing you will find the world-famous Great Wall of China, a popular stretch offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Maps and Orientation of the City

When visiting Beijing it is essential to bring a good map of the city, which will become invaluable during your stay. You will find a reasonable selection of English language fold-out maps at the airport and also at the various kiosks at many train stations.

Further maps are available at the Friendship Store in central Beijing, along Jianguomenwai Dajia, and at the extremely useful Foreign Languages Bookstore on Wangfujing Dajie. Various maps can also be found within the reception areas of most large hotels, and also at the numerous branches of the popular Beijing Tourist Information Centre, which are scattered around the city.

Many essential ring roads surround much of Beijing and provide fast access to many parts of the city and the surrounding municipality, with the roads being numbered from two onwards, with the Sixth Ring Road being the outermost. In the heart of Beijing, Tiananmen Square is an important public space and point of reference, lying on the southern side of the Forbidden City area.

The following cities and towns are within reach of Beijing, either by car, bus or train, and are shown below, complete with distances and approximate journey times.

Also worth noting, the following towns and villages surround Beijing and are worth exploring for a taste of traditional China.

Map of China

China map

Map of Beijing Municipality

Beijing Municipality Map

Map of Beijing

Beijing map