Philadelphia Restaurants and Dining

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - PA, USA)

Philadelphia boasts sophisticated dining, with plentiful coffee houses, ethnic restaurants and family-friendly eateries. Throughout Philadelphia you can find an unending choice of dining establishments and restaurants, with prices at all levels.

South Street, 2nd Street and Manayunk in Philadelphia are good areas to go searching for restaurants, while Philadelphia's Italian Market and Chinatown offer the biggest choice in the city. For a fast snack, try a mustard-infused pretzel at one of the hundreds of street stands spread throughout Philadelphia city.

Opening Hours

Philadelphia comes with its fair share of 24-hour dining establishments, as well as all day fast-food joints and restaurants housed in the multitude of shopping malls. Normal opening hours are usually from 11:00 to 14:00 for lunchtime venues and 17:00 to 22:00 for evening dining in restaurants. Smoking is not allowed in restaurants between 06:00 and 14:00, after which it is decided by the restaurant management.

Wine and Beer

Due to hefty license fees, restaurants in Philadelphia may charge an extortionate amount for a bottle of wine. As a result, 'bring your own bottle' restaurants are popular in the city of Philadelphia. Two of Philadelphia's restaurants with the best wine selection are La Famiglia on Front Street and nearby Ristorante Panorama; while for wine bars try South and 2nd streets.


Not only has Philadelphia sharpened up its top-end restaurants, there are now even more places in the city where visitors can enjoy a hearty breakfast. The profusion of convenient cafés on 2nd and South streets provides locals and visitors alike with all-day breakfast choices in Philadelphia.


Brunch is popular in the US and Philadelphia is no exception, with most restaurants in the city offering Sunday brunch options ranging from a bagel snack to a full blown feast. Many restaurants that open for lunch have reasonably-priced menus, allowing the more budget conscious traveler a taste of the best for less. Lunch in Philadelphia can also be enjoyed at any number of coffee houses spread across the city, as well as food courts in shopping malls and fast food outlets.


You never have to go far in Philadelphia to find just the restaurant you are looking for, be it a traditional mid-west steakhouse or a fast food outlet. Philadelphia's best dining offerings are concentrated around in Center City, including South Street and Rittenhouse Square, while nearby Chinatown, Bella Vista, Manayunk and South Philadelphia are also worth exploring for their culinary delights. Perhaps the most convenient place for late night eating is at Philadelphia's Chinatown, where fresh fish and hot pot dishes are served at popular restaurants in minutes.