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Savannah Theatre
We have attended every show presented by Savannah Theatre for the past two years and every one has been the best yet. It is by far the best ongoing entertainment value around.
Posted on 25/5/2010 by Grady Mills

Savannah Riverfront along Bay Street
We went for a nice walk along here, and on the Yamacraw Bluff. There is a long promenade here and some 200 year old brick warehouses, which were once used for cotton. Some of these are now restaurants, shops and hotels. The riverfront was very lively at night, when there was a reallly good vibe, a party atmosphere. Lots of bars and clubs, and even fireworks.
Posted on 22/3/2008 by Logan Demisse

The spectacular Forsyth Park - one of America's most beautiful
Forsyth Park was lush in every way. Savannah is often called America's Most Beautiful City, and this is as it has so many local parks, like this one. Some scenes from Forest Gump were filmed here.
Posted on 30/8/2007 by Riley Trail

Sailing down the Savannah River
We joined a riverboat and went for a nice cruise along the river. We saw some really nice sights along River Street. It was really great. We went at lunchtime and had a good buffet onboard. There was commentary, and the captain pointed out things on the way. All in all, it was about an hour, I wish it had been longer.
Posted on 16/4/2007 by Luca Tie

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