Savannah Restaurants and Dining

(Savannah, Georgia - GA, USA)

Savannah is a major US city and the fourth most significant in terms of population in Georgia, with a host of restaurants and dining options. With so many people living in the city of Savannah and many others coming to visit its historic sites of interest, there are a lot of mouths to feed and a great amount of demand placed on its restaurant industry.

Fortunately, Savannah contains some of Georgia's best eateries and restaurants, which combine fantastic cuisine and dining, with classic Southern charm and hospitality. Of course, like all US cities, the big name fast-food restaurants are present throughout Savannah, providing cheap and speedy dining options.

Opening Hours

Like America's other major cities, food can be found in Savannah at all hours of the day and night. All-night diners in Savannah fill in the gaps left by the opening and closing times of other restaurants, which generally open at 07:00 to late morning for breakfast, 11:00 to 14:00 for lunch and 18:00 to 22:00 for dinner. However, opening times depend on the establishment and are subject to variation.

Wine and Beer

As Savannah's residents are spread throughout the city, it follows that there are drinking venues in all of its districts. To be guaranteed of finding somewhere, visitors should head for the Southside neighborhood, where the night scene is among the liveliest in the city. Here you will find a variety of venues, from traditional pubs to sports bars and clubs. Meanwhile, Martin Luther King Boulevard in Savannah's historic district is also home to a number of good drinking spots.


Savannah has a good choice of dining options for breakfast, with everything from small home-style diners to hotels offering continental and buffet breakfast fare. Popular fast-food restaurants in Savannah generally open early and have their own typical high-fat, high-carb fare for the less discriminating diner or those with limited time schedules. For the transient working population, coffee houses sell hot drinks, bagels and baked goods for takeaway.


Lunch and dinner are the times when Savannah really comes into its own in terms of fine food. The city has a massive selection of eateries and restaurants, and visitors or residents can eat according to a low or high budget. For a big feed, head for one of Savannah's many international restaurants, or settle for an American grill-style restaurant where all-you-can-eat deals are commonplace. If you are not fussy or you are short on time, fast-food restaurants in Savannah are readily available from all of the country's favorite fast-food outlets.


At dinner time, consider heading for one of the Chinese, Italian, Mexican, French or many other international restaurants that Savannah has to offer. Alternatively, go strictly American and head for a steak and seafood restaurant or barbecue eatery. Southside is a good place to find restaurants and dining opportunities. However, if you prefer somewhere a little more cultured, then you will find no shortage of restaurants in Savannah's historic area.