Savannah Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Savannah, Georgia - GA, USA)

Located in Chatham County, Savannah is Georgia's fourth largest city in terms of population and is also the county seat of Chatham. The city is famous for its rich heritage, historical districts and charming locations.

Local districts and neighborhoods are also known for their reputation as a provider of typical Southern charm and hospitality. For visitors to Savannah, there is no shortage of things by which to recommend the city, but lovers of history, heritage and culture will find this an especially interesting destination.

Ardsley Park

Situated between DeRenne Avenue and Victory Drive, Ardsley Park was Savannah's first suburb established in the 1920s. It's a popular residential area on account of its position between historic downtown and Southside.

Historic District

Savannah's historic district is home to many of the city's oldest and most historically significant buildings and hence it is also the place to find many of the city's best attractions. Around the Martin Luther King Boulevard area, visitors will find a host of places worth visiting such as the Historic Railroad Shops and the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. The district is still a significant residential area and many old houses have been bought up and restored to their former glory.


Southside is the modern part of Savannah and home to all the usual leisure amenities including shopping malls, movie theaters and discount shopping outlets. This is a popular residential area with a large selection of apartment complexes and modern housing facilities.

The Islands

Situated east and southeast of downtown Savannah are the islands, tranquil areas where many residents are now setting up home. The Eastside islands are made up of Tybee, Oatland, Talahi, Whitemarsh and Wilmington, while the southeast islands encompass Dutch Island, the Isle of Hope and Skidaway Island. The islands are not the place to go looking for manufactured attractions, but are home to some historic properties and classic period architecture as well as pleasant scenery.

Victorian District

The Victorian district is a scenic area adjacent to Savannah's Historic district and is becoming increasingly popular as a residential area as the number of period buildings available for restoration elsewhere begins to decline. Visitors to the area will be swept away by dreamy oak-lined streets with classically designed houses.

West Chatham County

The West Chatham County is made up of a number of small communities whose residents are largely employees of the nearby industries such as Gulfstream Aerospace, International Paper and the Georgia Ports Authority.