Orlando Restaurants and Dining

(Orlando, Florida - FL, USA)

As a city dedicated to tourists, Orlando boasts a vast array of restaurant and dining choices, many of which fall into the budget to mid-price ranges. Traditional American food can be found in the many steakhouses, restaurants and BBQ eateries in Orlando, while the vast range of international food options includes Afghan, Mexican, Italian, and French.

The International Drive area of Orlando is home to all the obvious fast food dining options, as well as a multitude of all-you-can-eat buffet style restaurants. More upmarket eateries in Orlando can be found in the Central Business District (CBD), while the US 192 is famous for evening dinners accompanied by a show.

Opening Hours

In terms of eating, it is probably fair to say that Orlando is open 24 hours. The wealth of resources dedicated to tourists means that no matter what time of day or night, there's a dining establishment of some description offering cooked food close by. The non-tourist areas of Orlando are perhaps a little more restricted, although all districts have some 24-hour diners. Restaurants in Orlando's Central Business District (CBD) open for business late morning and close mid afternoon, while dinner restaurants in tourist areas generally start business around 17:00 and close sometime around midnight.

Wine and Beer

Although International Drive is essentially a family area of Orlando, some quiet bars can be found here. Pleasure Island in Disney's Downtown area contains a number of bars where holiday makers can enjoy an ice cold beer or similar beverage, and there's dancing available too. The Central Business District (CBD) is perhaps home to the trendiest nightspots with some exclusive café bars and nightclubs.


The American appetite for fast food means that wherever you are in the city of Orlando, there's an eatery of some description open for breakfast. Orlando's Central Business District (CBD) satisfies the business community's fast paced lifestyle with coffee and bagel outlets throughout the area. In the tourist areas many hotels and restaurants offer all-you-can-eat buffets for breakfast, while the ubiquitous fast food dining outlets in Orlando serve up their regular menu of fried delights.


All of Orlando's theme parks have their own restaurants on site, although typically prices are high. As an area that never closes, the International Drive district has eateries of all descriptions open for lunch, while in the Central Business District (CBD) of Orlando some of the more upmarket dining options open for business lunches, offering dishes for those wanting an alternative to coffee and a sandwich.


If you want the widest range of eateries and restaurants possible in Orlando, it is a good idea to stay around International Drive. Likewise the US 192 district has a variety of well priced restaurants, many of which provide stage entertainment while you eat. In the Central Business District (CBD) dinner options are more select and aimed at more discerning clientele. Disney's Downtown area opens at 19:00 hours and has a range of restaurants, all offering the regular Orlando Disney glitz.