Orlando Landmarks and Monuments

(Orlando, Florida - FL, USA)

Historic landmarks and monuments are not typical of Orlando, Florida (FL) on account of it being a modern tourist region developed to appeal to fun seekers. However, there are a select number of sites in Orlando that are interesting to those who appreciate fine architecture.

There are assortments of Orlando landmarks, some designed specifically to receive visitors, while others are functional buildings or monuments that may only be appreciated from the outside.

Bank of America at duPont Center

Address: 390 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida FL, USA
The Bank of America at duPont Center is one of the most visually pleasing skyscrapers to grace the Orlando skyline. Built in an unusually aesthetic mix of classic and contemporary styles, this 28-storey building is considered a reflection of the popular Florida lifestyle.
Open hours: daily, with restrictions
Admission: free

Orlando City Hall

Address: 400 South Orange Avenue, Florida FL, USA
Sitting on 5 acres / 2 hectares of land known as City Hall Commons, Orlando City Hall in many respects is typical of an American government building, while still managing to include features that set it apart architecturally from buildings constructed for similar purposes in other US cities.
Open hours: daily, with restrictions
Admission: free

Big Tree Park

Address: 761 General Hutchinson Parkway, Longwood, 32750, Florida FL, USA
Tel: +1 407 788 0405
Just outside of Orlando in Longwood, Big Tree Park is home to one of the oldest and largest trees in America. Named 'the Senator' after Senator H.G. Overstreet who donated it, the tree is said to be 3,500 years old and is without a doubt the focal point of the park. Natural marsh lands and picnic areas are also open to park visitors.
Open hours: daily - 08:00 to sunset
Admission: free

SunTrust Center

Address: 200 South Orange Avenue, Florida FL, USA
The SunTrust Center is a giant 35-storey building constructed on 654,678 square feet / 60,822 square meters of land. Its design is contemporary southern American in style and is notable for its four crowning pyramids. On completion Orlando's SunTrust Center was the tallest building in central Florida.
Open hours: private building, external viewing only permitted
Admission: free

Tupperware Tower

Address: U.S. 441, Orlando, Florida FL, USA
An unusual epitaph to the mighty king of plastic containers, the Tupperware Tower is a sturdy construction made entirely from plastic Tupperware bowls that rise to 100 feet. The tower serves no purpose other than to reinforce the Tupperware Company's position in American history and popular contemporary culture.
Open hours: external viewing only
Admission: free