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A Stroll on State Street
State Street really is the heart of Santa Barbara in so many ways. We have several lovely walks along this street and had time to pop in some of the nicest looking shops. If you are pushed for time or feeling a bit lazy, you can also go on the Santa Barbara Electric Trolley, which runs up and down State Street.
Posted on 31/1/2008 by Frederick

My Time in Santa Barbara - the Waterfront
People say that the city harbor can created around 100 years ago at the request of a rather wealthy local, who just wanted to moor his yacht a bit nearer. Whether or not that is really true we will probably never know, but the waterfront around the harbor has become a really pretty spot. People come here to sit and enjoy the views. We cycled around here a bit and then headed on down to the Chase Palm Park, where this is often an art show.
Posted on 16/8/2007 by Anon

Santa Barbara Stearns Wharf
Stearns Wharf dtes from the 1870s and this pier has loads of excellent shops and restaurants. It has loads of things to keep visitors entertained and some five million people come here now every year. There are a lot of pelicans nearby, often close to the fishermen. The official entrance to the wharf is marked by a dolphin fountain.
Posted on 9/2/2007 by Ava Moore

State Street
This is a fabulous street and Santa Barbara is really very lucky to have such a true gem. It stretches for about one and a half miles from Stearns Wharf and is a good place to eat, whether you buy a snack of a street vendor, or have a sit down meal in a restaurant. We did both and particularlu enjoyed people watching as we ate.
Posted on 4/12/2006 by Laura Pervis

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