Santa Barbara Life and Visitor Travel Tips

(Santa Barbara, California - CA, USA)

Santa Barbara, California CA, is a beautiful tourist destination for Americans and international visitors alike. Nestled between the Santa Ynes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Santa Barbara has great shopping and an array of cultural and historic sites.

The beautiful stretches of beach and warm California sunshine make Santa Barbara a top year round destination. Travel tips on Santa Barbara are available from a range of sources including travel guides, tourist information offices and the Internet.

Tourism and Tourist Information

There are a few tourist information offices throughout Santa Barbara, California (CA) that can assist you in planning your holiday and advising you on places to visit as well as providing other additional information on opening times and so on. These offices often provide tourists with free maps and brochures highlighting various attractions that are dotted around the city.

Santa Barbara Tourist Information Center
Address: One Garden Street, at Cabrillo Boulevard, Santa Barbara, California CA, 93101, USA
Tel: +1 805 965 3021
Open hours: Monday to Saturday - 09:00 to 17:00, Sunday - 10:00 to 17:00


More than 300 different languages are spoken throughout the USA, with many languages being specific to the region. English is the most common language in most cities, including Santa Barbara, California, although many nationalities are well represented in Santa Barbara.


Before arriving in Santa Barbara, California, check with your nearest embassy or consulate whether it is necessary to obtain a visa first. Numerous visas for travel into Santa Barbara and throughout America are available and Santa Barbara tourists generally require a non-immigrant visa permitting stay on a temporary basis.


A number of different non-immigrant working visas are available for Santa Barbara, California and throughout the USA. Working in Santa Barbara without the relevant visa is against the law and harsh penalties are enforced.


Tipping is commonplace in Santa Barbara, California and throughout the USA, although it is only necessary when the service is considered at least satisfactory. Most Santa Barbara restaurants are tipped around 15 percent, unless service charges have been included in the bill. Hotel staff and taxi drivers in Santa Barbara also expect to be tipped.

Taxes and Refunds

Most states in America operate a sales tax of around seven and eight percent on goods and services. Sales tax cannot be reclaimed by Santa Barbara tourists upon departure, unless the relevant Santa Barbara working visa is held.


Americans and locals in Santa Barbara, California have accepted smoking in public places for many years without fuss, although today things are quite different. Smoking is no longer permitted at most restaurants and on all forms of Santa Barbara's public transportation.