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Koln Triangle, next to the railway station deutz (opposite to the cathedral)
Heading towards the Cologne Cathedral on the right bank of River Rhine you find the Koln Triangle also called lvr Turm - here it is possible to enjoy the greatest view over the town area, including the gorgeous Cologne Cathedral without any leg aching climbing action! A nice elevator goes all the way up to an observation platform with a stunningly great view all around Cologne and its surrounding lands. It's a must go. Enjoy!

Charge at time of visit: about 3€ per person
Posted on 27/10/2010 by Ellen Gross

Old Town Koln
The heart of Old Town Colgne is based around the Heumarkt, which is the city's biggest public square. The Heumarkt is surrounded by some rather colourful and traditional buildings. However, although this square appears quite historical, it was actually rebuilt following damage in WWII. Therefore, much of the medieval style is actually a very successful and authentic reprouction - very clever and well done.
Posted on 17/01/2007 by Blair

Climb the Cologne Cathedral
The Cologne Cathedral is one of the few remaining historical structures in the city and building commenced in 1270, although it was not actually fully completely for another 600 years. There is no actual entrance charge, although you do feel a little pressured into making some kind of donation. You can climb the South Tower (Suedturm) like we did and I whole heartidly recommend that you do this, but only if you have the stamina! Don't under estimate what a steep climb this is - my legs were really aching. The staircase spirals round and round, and was really quite narrow, especially when you meet people coming down when you are going up. However, if you make it to the top, the views are fabulous.
Posted on 17/12/2006 by Debbie-Jo MacMillan

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