Cologne Hotels and Accommodation

(Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Picture of central Cologne hotelCologne is a popular city and usually busy all through the year, which means that hotels and other accommodation options are rarely cheap. This is especially so in both the spring and autumn, when major trade shows and international conferences usually take place and flood the city of Bonn with visitors, resulting in an obvious hike in hotel prices and reduced availability.

If you choose to arrive in Cologne without booking a hotel in advance, consider paying a visit to the city's tourist office along the Unter Fettenhennen stretch, where for just a nominal charge, the staff will endeavour to find the best accommodation to suit your requirements. Always popular with budget travellers in Cologne looking for the cheapest accommodation, the Station Hostel for Backpackers is particularly close to the main station (Hauptbahnhof) and can be found along the Marzellenstrasse.

View of hotel in Cologne city centre

Where to Stay

Various districts around Cologne have much to offer in the way of accommodation, although none more so than the centre, the very heart of city life. Hotels in central Cologne are particularly diverse and include both international brands, such as the InterContinental along Pipinstrasse, and smaller, local offerings. Many of the best hotels in central Cologne are to be found around the Bahnhofsvorplatz, and along the many nearby streets, which include Brandenburger Strasse, Elisenstrasse, Flandrische Strasse, Kaygasse, Komödienstrasse and Rubensstrasse.

Further hotels can be found around the Cologne Ring (Kölner Ringe), which follows the lines of the historic old city wall and borders the city centre and various districts. Whatever your taste, you are sure to find suitable accommodation along the many spacious boulevards around the Ring, together with bars, restaurants and walking trails.

Photo of Cologne hotelOther notable hotels can be found in the southern region of Cologne, along streets such as Bischofsweg, Merowingerstrasse and Severinstrasse, and also within the lively University Quarter and the student areas around Zülpicher Strasse and Engelbertstrasse. For accommodation with character, the many hotels around Old Town Cologne (Altstadt) are hard to beat and line the charming streets of Helenenstrasse, Jakordenstrasse, Kunibertsgasse, Lintgasse, Mathiasstrasse and Salzgasse.

Many excellent hotels in Old Town Cologne lie in the very heart of this colourful district, around the Hohe Pforte area, and also on the outskirts, lining the banks of the Rhine River and nearby Heumarkt. Close to the Old Town district, the selection of hotels within Cologne's vibrant Belgian Quarter (Belgische Viertel) are also worth considering, with the best accommodation options being centred around the Rudolfplatz, near to theatres, restaurants and a number of museums.