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National Gallery
The National Gallery is a great place to visit if you are interested in art. You don't really need to look at everything - some areas may not interest you. It is free, so at the least it is a good idea to go there if you are in the area on a rainy day to avoid getting wet. Occasionally, gallery spaces can get rather busy, but this rarely occurs, and this tends to be in the smaller rooms.
There is a cafe at the gallery, but it was incredibly busy when I went and I couldn't be bothered to queue.
Posted on 21/2/2014 by Sarah Jane Smith

Tower of London
I enjoyed going to the Tower of London, I learned a lot about the history of England there, and I rather liked seeing the ravens. The "Royal Beasts" exhibition was very interesting, and I found out about the animals that were kept there, such as a baboon that smoked a pipe. However, my favourite part was the crown jewels display.
Posted on 24/7/2013 by Dave of Devon

British Museum
Free entry, so if you don't like it you won't have wasted any time. I only spent half an hour there because I wanted to look at the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. I enjoyed looking at the sarcophagi, as well as the dead body which had a particularly large crowd around it at that time. I'm not a person who is that interested in history or museums, but I decided to take a look and it was a pleasant surprise.
Posted on 16/9/2012 by Dave

British Museum
My Welsh grandma took us to London on the train and we went to the British Museum. The first thing we saw was the Egyptian mummies and the sarcophaguses. My favourite bit of that section was definitely the boy who looked like a roast chicken! The next section we saw was the Romans. I liked seeing the spears and the tools. The last section that we saw was the Olympics and we saw the medals. My favourite section was probably the Egyptians.
Posted on 25/8/2012 by Nia

Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum
Spent a great time at this museum. There are some fantastic life-like models there, although they are not all like this. Super Heroes 4D was absolutely amazing. Downside for me was the crowds - bit too busy really
Posted on 23/3/2012 by 'It's London Baby!'

Tower of London
What a super attraction for the whole family. We found the beefeater tour guide very enjoyable as he was so knowledgeable and entertaining. So much history to absorb, especially in the White Tower. Also loved the crown jewels and was delighted to see the huge ravens.
Posted on 23/3/2012 by 'It's London Baby!'

Museum of London
Offering so much information about London from prehistoric times up to the present, this is a great place to take the children, being both educational and enjoyable, with many interactive displays. We all enjoyed a short break at the cafe too. All this and it's free admission.
Posted on 23/3/2012 by 'It's London Baby!'

London Science Museum
This is a great place for all of the family. Children will really love it, and it has free admission, so that's a huge bonus. A lot of the exhibits are brilliant and very hands-on. However, I must admit to finding some parts of the museums rather dull, so I would recommend just heading to the bits that interest you the most. You can easily spend hours here, so why waste time looking at things that are boring, when there's plenty more just around the corner. However, the best bits can be crowded.
Posted on 16/3/2012 by Rhys

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle was somewhere I have always wanted to visit. Quite a queue to get in but it did not disappoint. So much history and it was amazing to be walking where so many famous people had been before. The audio guide was a definite must. St. George's Castle was also not to be missed. There was a very long queue to see the Dolls House, although it was worth the wait. You definitely need to spend plenty of time there as there is so much to see.
Posted on 9/1/2012 by Paula Doyle

My Experience on the London Eye
Would recommend the London Eye. It was very good and slow - you step on and off while it is still moving. The views were awesome and we spent most of the time trying to find the main landmarks, like Buckingham Palace. The queuing system was a bit random and even though we had pre-booked a ticket, we were quite confused, partly as it was so busy. You can buy a ticket on the day if you so wish, although you will likely have to queue for something like 30 minutes, unless you hit lucky.
Posted on 16/2/2008 by Angie Danes

Travelling on the Tube
The London Underground is a fast way to get around everywhere in the city. You are never far from a tube station. It is cheap an you buy tickets depending on which zone you need to get to. The maps are quite easy to follow, but do be careful that you don't get on a train going in the wrong direction. If you do (like we did!) then just get off at the next stop - it's no big deal. Don't even think about using the tube during rush hour in the early morning and late afternoon - it is like sardines. Keep an eye on your handbag and valuables as well, especially when it's busy.
Posted on 23/9/2007 by Sophia

Cruise Down the Thames
We enjoyed an afternoon cruise down the River Thames. It was nice an sunny and we passed lots of famous landmarks, like the Houses of Parliament, the Eye and loads of grand buildings, right down to the weird looking Thames River Barrier. We caught the boat from right outside of the Tower of London and the cruise lasted about three hours, although there are shorter trips available. Very enjoyable all the way.
Posted on 14/12/2006 by Luke Regan

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